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Calendared. Even with that crappy autotuner on the back.EDIT: Eff myself. Stupid.
Washington is the slimmest suit they make. Getting a 38 would be ridiculous if you're comfortable in a 40 in other brands. Their suitsizeestimator is not a good gauge. You may even end up with a 42 in the Washington depending on your body shape.Can't ever go wrong with Navy.Yes, mohair would be a good option while maintaining fabric formality.
Constantine was just confirmed as cancelled after 1 season.
I'd sooner chalk it up to him not knowing otherwise than intentionally deceiving you.
I was shown and told the exact opposite - the entirety of SS stock is not listed in their webpage. The SA with whom I spoke while last at the Vegas store showed me how they have a separate inventory application on their Ipads for that inventory in stores, as opposed to in their warehouses. We were looking for a suit online, and it showed as unavailable; the SA then searched other store stocks and found it, saying he could order it and have it at the Vegas store for me to...
Agreed. Can't understand the hype on that one.
What is the shoe model number on the inside of your pair if I may ask? I have a pair I obtained from ebay as well, but the shell was really hammered and I'm trying to determine if it's aged shell or if I was taken for a ride.
PSA: Wanting to trade my Caramel Calfskin EP belt in a 36 for one of the same or the burgundy one in a 38. Had it for about six months, with very little wear (still looks brand new). Got it and was using the 2nd to last and last button on my tagged-35 Rudys, planning on losing some weight. That isn't happening, so wanting to save my vanity and get a 38 to get down further on the buttons.
It amazes me that Marvel is going to churn out CA:CW within a year from now, and it's taken BvS 3 years to pull itself together for the same release date.
Those Messi goals were great, but you wonder if he'll look back and wonder why one of them couldn't have fallen in the final last summer.
New Posts  All Forums: