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I was following the Newcastle/City match on Twitter, and my eyes kept boggling out of my head as Aguero racked up the goals (I captained him too). Excitedly went to check my week score against the league average, and saw that most everyone captained Ag├╝ero anyways.
Therein lies The Pitti
Inorite? I wore orange pants to work yesterday, and my boss gave a shrug saying he didn't think Clemson played until this weekend.
Unfortunately shipping from England may make it more practical to buy new.
Its the gift that keeps on giving.
Alvaro Morata proving Madrid a fool for letting him go. AS I SO PREDICTED 2 YEARS AGO.
EP Knit Tie, EP #8 CXL belt, Wool RCs (self-pressed for dat work appropriate crease), and EP Vass. EDIT: as an aside, these burnt orange wool rivets are probably my favorite pair of pants I own from EP. I also have a mocha brown pair, both from a few winters ago, and can't sing their praises enough.
Iniesta goes off injured. Neymar hobbling around. Leverkussen pressing hard and holding their lead. Madrid fan enjoying Barca being outplayed again.
Definitely too delicate.
For real. This show has had nothing of suspense, or noteworthy, illustrating the actual outbreak and ensuing sh*tstorm. It's all gone on away from the camera. Suddenly, after Travis' cardio, the whole world outside is dead. We've had hints soldiers are killing holed-up civilians, but nothing solid. We've had hints the off-site medical center is something diabolical, but really nothing to "prove" that. This whole show is a bag of hot air. And while Alicia is banging,...
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