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Camo SFAF1s arrived today. So much better than the grey
These fashion shots of guys with absolutely no calf/ankle are hilarious.
Which one is supposed to be Han?
You need to hit the drop down menu to add trousers. Then the cost is added to the (jacket) base price
On the standard hopsack options - can we do Taylor or Gable as well (dropdown menu shows only Walt & Rudy)? Just throw a note in the comments section?
I've worn metcon 1s and 2s for the gym (weightlifting) and they hold up well. If I'm running, I wear running shoes.
Ex. of "rugged leather" on dust/cement SFAF1
I have to say I was wrong. Looks like there was a hidden SNKRS link at the bottom of the camo SF AF to the grey one. I just found it and saw it had apparently been "reserved" for me, yet I never got any sort of notification on it. Oh well. Footlocker for my pair.Go to the Behind the Design tab, scroll to the bottom, and scribble over the gray screen to reveal the "dust" colorway. Kind of interesting to discover, but a pain to have not known.Got the LeBron 14BHM, Jordan...
Greys dropped at b&ms. Just got a pair of those too to compare with the camo and see which I prefer
Nothing will change. Arsenee will push mediocre Arsenal players into a run for the top 4 by May and then all will be forgiven by shortsighted Gooners. This has happened every year for the last ten or so years - at least for as long as I have been following EPL.
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