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Clone Wars cartoon, while good in theory, is just too much.
Good man
Agree - think M is the way to go for OP.6', 195 here, wear 16/35 in BBESF, and an EP Large in shirting
This fabric is fantastic.
Will be at Disney next week. Will be cool to see this setup
Abraham was dun talkin' up thur like Yoo-jeen in dat dur dial-log wit dat negress Sasha.
No, it got more interesting. Non-zombie badguys who have guns and =/= Wolves. That's cool enough.
I enjoyed the Daryl 1/2.Couldn't believe the stupidity of the diabetes-girl in going over to kneel at the heads of two obvious zombies encased in melted glass. Do you have a death wish? Where have you been for the supposed 2.5 years that the apocalypse has been going on? And, tbh, didn't see the betrayal on Daryl coming. Once he decided to go back to deliver the insulin, I thought he'd made loyal friends. Their turning back on Daryl was probably the most realistic thing...
No, they dont
JJ ripped off the SunCrusher.
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