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Lot of good that did them, given they can't even put shields around their exhaust ports, leading straight down to their reactor.
The question now becomes: would she have said yes if not for the EP gear?.........Kidding, of course. Congratulations!
I just blew JRM's mind.
We had Lando too. Doesn't change the agenda.
I had mentioned to someone on here how much I loved my grey fresco EFF suit from the last round. Gets another runout today w/ EPxCarmina Alt Weins.
So, black on black crime now.
You buy my Rivet Chinos and then try to flip them for a profit?
I'd seen they dropped the price of the All Out as well from its initial launch price. Maybe the collared running shoes aren't grabbing as many people as they thought they would. Been hearing a lot of Achilles rubbing going on - but I also think those people aren't wearing socks.
INORITE? A black droid. Yeesh.
So R2 = astromech droid, and D2 is his individual signifier? That makes the prospect of R2 units in the galaxy even smaller.Or are there many R2-D2s?
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