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The degree of unattainable buffness exhibited by many of my action figures growing up has left me permanently scarred, with emotional and body-image issues.WHERE IS MY RECOURSE?
Thank you - forgive me if I wasn't clear; I realize this wasn't a "group buy" in the formal sense, and that it was going through the MTO program, etc. But you've answered it that the orders go in separately to Southwick, and that shipping is charted out from individual orders and not from the closing of the offer itself.
Barrie is fairly blobby and akin to the Trubalance last. But it's "broad" fit is what makes it appealing as a stock makeup.
Can confirm that I'd be all over that size 11 had we not had the Southwick EFF earlier this month. Wow, that shoe is gorgeous.
Unboxed my EFF trousers tonight. For anyone wondering, here's Stoney Beach and Dusty Saffron side by side. Was amazed at the difference in hue when I perceived them as much more grey at purchase.
Also, a quick question on the recent EFF jacket/suit run - will that 4-6 week production time projection apply from a respective date of purchase, or from when the group-buy closed and all info was submitted to the factory? Just charting out when to expect arrival.
I got notification on the EFFs on the 18th, and they arrived yesterday. Depending where you are in the country, I also received separate notification from UPS that they were in the process of moving things into snowed-in areas, which was delaying standard shipping times.
FWIW, I take the same sizes as you describe in both; a 42 in the EP/southwick cut, and an XL in the EPLA knit bomber. Fit corresponds well.
That forest green one is a great color too. Had never seen that one before^^^
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