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A touring friend of mine has a Flint on his board. I've only had a chance to dabble on it, but it sounds great whenever he uses it.
Yes, they will for a few washes in
What happens when a SNKRS drop doesn't happen on time? Do I just have to hang out here refreshing the app until it gives me an option to buy them? And in the time it took me to go cross apps and make this post, it is sold out. F my luck.
White Somelos is the bizcaz king
No problems w/ female green lantern, fyi. Glad that Dr.Strange is sounding good. Not normally a 3D type of guy, but might have to see this one in 3D
Yeah, that looks really entertaining.
Gaston def not looking shredded enough.
I must really be uncool; I don't get Gyakosou at all.
Here's the EP thread moving along pleasantly, and then MrDV drops THAT all up in here.
I'm sold on those Special Field AF1s. Holy crap.
New Posts  All Forums: