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Dylan has singlehandedly blown many denimheads' minds w/ fadez like that from a o/w.
That double-bladed lightsaber flashed and I was sold.
that feel when you string up a fresh set, and for whatever reason one string doesn't take and breaks as you tune it up the very next day.
Ugh whyyyyyy? Seeing that preview again makes me feel 12 years old and so full of hope and wonder for that movie. The trailer (minus the Gungan who shall remain unnamed) could be sooooo good.
Count on the lens flare. Likely accompanying lightsabers.
Wow. That third Superman v Hulk looks really good. Maybe I've just never given Hulk a chance, but he's potentially limitless in strength right? Can Superman be charted? Is he an infinite power source as well? I mean, Doomsday kind of shook things up, but Silver Age superman was pretty bad-a in comparison. Whatever sells books, I guess.
I really can't believe people invest their own, individual time in things like that. Look awesome though for what they are. I object to Batman dying like that.
Fairly intricate, and yet fake, teaser popped up on youtube recently.
I'm bummed its such a limited release trailer. Will have to scour the interwebz instead. Or just likely come here. Also, hype for a mere trailer is getting ridiculous.
My wife surprised me with my birthday present a week early - we were out at Guitar Center for their "pre-black-friday" deals, and I saw a used Deluxe Reverb Reissue for a fair price. I've been content with my Blues Junior, but had mentioned in passing to her that I'd upgrade in the future as I want to get back into gigging. She looked at the price of the used DDRI, and the price of the new one sitting next to it (about $500 more), and said those magical words, "Just get it...
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