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Manchester United primed for a whole new swath of previously unaccessible fans with this massive sponsorship deal from Adidas.
My first exposure to soccer was similar, inasmuch as I was following our selección above anything else. I "liked" River Plate but wasn't sold on club teams. River and Boca both sold exciting young prospects to a post-galáctico Madrid, and I followed Higuaín and Gago over to Spanish football, thus getting caught up in Real. So, when Hig went to Napoli last summer it was a big letdown, especially after so many productive years of 20+ goals a season on a club topped by Raúl,...
Basically, soccer leagues punish you for doing poorly. As opposed to American, socialist sports who reward the biggest loser with the next big draft pick. Top tier soccer in each individual country consists (usually) of the country's best known teams; ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool in England, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, etc. In holland it's your Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, etc. These top leagues will usually have 16-20 teams per season. The top is, of course, crowned...
Oh please - Barça tout "Mes que un Club" all over the place, but they're spending almost as much money as Pérez for his Galácticos. Mes que un club didn't save their shirt from sponsors, or from storming the transfer market now for players while simultaneously touting the virtues of La Masia. Where's that indellible youth train now? Cuenca shuffled out, Bojan shuffled out, and on and on and on.Players bought and sold by Barça over the last WC cycle are copious. Sánchez,...
Jarude, sport begins and ends with Real Madrid :wink: Van Persie on ManUnited. Kuyt on Trabonazpor(?). Sneijder on Galatasaray for now. Robben on Bayern Munich. Actually, I think the majority of Hollands young team at WC was based with Feyenord (sp?). Ajax are current kings of Holland. Man, these spelling mishaps are discrediting me. Should be more on the ball.
Di María going to PSG was last I read. Khedira to Arsenal pretty solid.
This bromance, plus the presence of Podolski's son on the pitch confuses me
OrangeS - I've read many good reviews of both, particularly the WET, but will investigate further. No rush for the pedal on this. I just really liked the TCElectronics HOF/Arena Church and Hall settings. To get something that could do that plus that plate shimmer would be wonderful.
Ok, oscillation is what I referred to as pitch shifting.
The best fender amp turned up to 12 on it's reverb dial doesn't have that sparkling duration or pitch shifting effect.
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