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When is Rebels supposed to be set?
Sport Trainer = shoe model.Stingray = material.
You guys - yes, it's a bad poster. But it's not as bad as it could be for all of the reasons you set forth.
I'll just vocalize some dart-love. I'm not fabio-status like Tricky, but they clean up the shirt around the torso so well.
Um, Zach and Billy's races do not align with the original series. Things cannot be good.
JRM appears to be defending a bad movie for how bad it is - only because it may not be as bad as originally thought. *mindblown
Yes, that's not a positive review at all. That's more akin to the reviewer trying to carve out a "safe space" for those who want the movie to be worth something.
Ive found that to work well
Embrace the Somelo. Perfect summer shirt.
http://chicago.suntimes.com/entertainment/ghostbusters-reboot-a-horrifying-mess/ Wow. Who didn't see that coming?
New Posts  All Forums: