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Fellow Aquapussy.
Despite the result, still think Navas should be a candidate for player of the tournament. Fantastic showing. What a Final Four we got going here.
Neymar out of WC w/ broken vertebrae, and Thiago Silva out w/ a dumb foul. Brazil going down on Tuesday.
Interesting that Germany's ethnic minorities consistently don't vocalize their national anthem (Özil, Khedira, and Boetang).
Going to go with France (and only because Germany's defense hasn't looked completely waterproof all tourney), Colombia, Argentina, and Holland. Will be a wonderful day of watching football today in celebration of the 4th. Wait... EDIT: Well slap me silly. My man Klose is starting. This is too close to call now.
I suppose the only reason the suit is slightly different is for more merch sales. That edging around his abdomen is new, and he has a formal "belt" now rather than that angular hip thingy from last movie.
Still looking thick, I see.
Have never latched onto Beck personally. Mayall through Ocean Avenue was what I referred to as "Clapton" so I guess I'm a bit broader. Live at Royal Albert Hall by Cream is amazing. Hendrix; I can't really go through complete albums at a time, but on a track by track basis, it's amazing to break down. Page has the benefit of Zeppelin being amazing too.
Currently enjoy playing the various layers of the new Coldplay album. Also learning All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix).My dad has every PF track ever laid down, I'm certain. He played The Wall religiously as I was growing up, but I can't say I remember anything about Gilmore the way I love Clapton/Hendrix. Will need to go back and listen.I was jamming with a guy tonight, and he mentioned that his epitome of tone was the Comfortably Numb solo.
Don't you know? Alexi Lalas declared us a "footballing nation" now - we can watch soccer for fun regardless of if our team's still in it.How's Canada doing, BTW?
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