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The animus accesses "genetic memory" so it's not quite a virtual world; more like a distant flashback
I told myself only one suit, and got it yesterday. But my cart currently has an open grey fresco sitting in it as well. Good choice^^
Apparently the sequel isn't even going to hide that subject allegorically. Glad I'm not the only one who saw that.
Oh no, I did criticize it for that reason. I think that comment incited this threadjack "I rebel." Yeah, ok.
I think this is the assumption we're all supposed to make. Not latent abilities per se, just untapped for years.
That midnight navy fresco is exactly what I had in mind, as opposed to a black or charcoal. Just need to wait to see if one of the short-run fabrics can trump it.
Then I am a Jedi. - Nope, must confront Vader first.
So Luke is "fully trained" then midway through ROTJ? He's a full-fledged Jedi Knight? Barring non-canon Shadows of the Empire, we're to assume Luke is back and training on Dagobah for 1.5 years between ESB and ROTJ? Agree re: Leia, completely.
Taylors w/ sidetabs =
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