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Terminus-ites freaked out when they realized Bob had been bit. I guess even for teh cannibals it's still taboo.Or maybe they didn't know what Rick knows about everyone being infected either way.
@stevent that Loden Carmina boot is wonderful
Pm you this evening...?
Japanese Aubergine Twill Rudys EPxAlden NatCXL LWBs Also wearing the EP Caramel Calf belt and one of my knit ties today.
Frank, is that the black overdye doyle? I was looking at that last night after your fit pic yesterday. You may have convinced me.
Fully agreed. Please pull out of the Alden shell madness before it crashes.I'm quite happy that I have.
I agree mostly with the lamentation about doing away with the WvG monikers for various cuts. Before-Dinner and After-Dinner are fairly no brainers because they suggest a size difference in and of themselves. Even as a novice looking at the site w/o measurements, I quickly came to the conclusion that BD was slimmer than AD. The pant cuts, I agree should've been clarified, so I back Mauro on this change. Enzo, Justin, Predator, and whatever else was always difficult to...
This is on the US site? I go to the cart, and it says an offer (free shipping w/in USA) already applied and fades the field so that I can't type anything...?
Daryl was impressed that the guy knew how to keep mosquitos off him by rubbing some sort of root/plant on his exposed face. He and Aaron decided to pursue him to invite him to ASZ.
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