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Beth way hotter than Enid.
Tie bundle arrived just now. Freaking awesome:slayer:
I've never before jumped at the sight of something on screen, but that was a shocker.
Will be intrigued if Reynolds has control over the eye slits of the mask, or if they're set in that position.
Looking sharp - my set arrives tomorrow. I hope I got that one, tbh.
Commentators had mentioned Denmark sits first place in their Euro group. Impressive - most impressive.
USA coughs it up to Denmark after surrendering the lead twice. More and more obvious that Klinsmann is a wonderful face to the program, but not the greatest tactician. After scoring the winner, you don't keep pressing and then let a subpar Denmark out-pass you to clip two goals (from Bendtner even) in 7 minutes.
I can get behind that lex. Looks like a haggard Michael Rosenbaum.
Bank on them StevenT.
New Posts  All Forums: