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What a first half in Madrid/Napoli. Great football being played.
Lows or highs? Lows look nice
The video a page back confirms the Guardians + Avengers + Spiderman will be in Infinity War. I'd assume Dr. Strange will show up too.
So awesome. Engage the hype machine
Shot in the dark here, but looking for either a '47 or '54 in a 36 or 38 waist, depending on actual measurements. Anyone have something to part with?
Really pumped for the Gotta Shine Jordan I and VI.
I wanted to love the LE so much, but it has seriously jacked up my right Achilles - structurally, not just rubbing and friction. I can only attribute it to a lack of a devoted heel counter in the shoe. No similar issues while running with the lows.
Today I wore a Navy DB Fresco suit by Southwick from last year's EFF along with #8 Alt Weins. Thought it looked pretty boss, but didn't think about taking a photo until I was already getting out of it. You all will just have to take my word for it.
Been out of it for a few weeks, but hoping I got in under the EFF cutoff. I'm trusting you on the Taylor, Mike, for my Rudy lower-half.
Got techknit pants in the sale. Very slim in comparison to equivalently sized tech fleece. Like them a lot but have yet to see how they'll hold up.
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