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But no bat-nips to be seen.
Wow, that universe is even more convoluted than I remembered.
Looking baller Mauro.
Dad behind him looks like he's huffing it.
Heaven help me, I just don't get Deadpool
Arsenal fans sure have short memories. One win against a semi-decent opponent and they're on top of the world, high as a pot store. Despite clamoring for more "quality" at every opportunity, and the incessant whining about needing a CDM and CB to no end, one win against a team on a subpar showing and Arsenal think they're contenders.
Citeh were outclassed. Cazorla bossed the midfield.
Agree completely
Cristiano and Irina have called it off. Lasbar has hope. Apparently, Irinia didn't want to domesticate and settle down to mother Cristiano Jr., and then skipped CR7's mom's surprise birthday party. Whoops. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/cristiano-ronaldo-dumps-model-girlfriend-4991771?ICID=FB_mirror_main
Acquired the Hatch Grain Jumper today from a deal on the B/S. Fantastic boot. Given they arrived used, what are the care recs on this leather? I don't want to lose the texture of the grain with a wax polish, I don't think. Any experiences to be shared or product/color recommendations?
New Posts  All Forums: