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A lot of the variance comes from different fabrics and how they react to construction, as opposed to error on EP's part. Ordered two Rudys, same tagged size, in different cotton fabrics. Mike told me on the phone, before placing the order, that the two different fabrics would result in one pair being a hair tighter than the other just down to how the garments were made. Two pairs (one UK Canvas, one Japanese Twill) arrived exactly as he had forewarned me.
This is wonderful.And so sad.
Una victoria en maracan√£ me sabe muy bien.It's a shame Brazil won't get to taste it there either.
I too agree^^. Germany turned off in the last five minutes or so. Also, stole this from the Funny Picture of the Day thread:
Canarinho got found out here just how poor they've really been now for at least 5 years. No competitive matches for an entire World Cup cycle hurts. Every shot to the stands shows rows of Brazil fans crying. It's a beautiful sight after an entire tournament geared to favor Brazil with favorable start times, less travel, and refs with obvious bias for the home nation. To see them undone now is fantastic. A symphony to hear Brazil chanting Olé as the Germans out pass their...
Fred continuing to demonstrate how absolutely worthless he is. Effing sack of diving mierda. Can he do anything besides shamelessly dive?
You all must realize I'm jumping on my couch right now. Full thoughts to come post game. But, just to start, Klose baby. Klose.
Boggles my mind.
From the WSJ
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