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This boot makeup is exciting
I saw the first half, but Sissoko had space and really ran at the Spanish defense.
Tonight, I had a Wampler Euphoria arrive from ebay. Sweet, fancy Moses. It is glorious. So sweet, and so freaking smooth. I have it basically serving as a lead-ish type of pedal; rhythm overdrive is provided by a medium-light OCD setting, and then the Euphoria blows it over the top. Cannot believe how wonderfully rich it sounds. The OCD is brittle in comparison.
Pinky is a weakness for me too.
Pogba looking like a boss against Spain. Griezmann too.
Stantons don't have anything special going for them in that regard. Their thigh measurement per size is just about the same as a Momotaro 701
Great scoreline... but still somehow doesn't make up for not getting a trophy with it.
Chicharito, from what I've witnessed, performs best as a 20-25 minute super sub. That's when he worked best for ManU. I figure, give Benz a run of 70 minutes, then throw on Chicharito when you need to go for the throat. I still don't like the move, but can see how it could work.
Paypal all day err' day
If Mike and Co. aren't careful, the Feds are soon going to start running ops against them for pushing one of the most potent gateway drugs on the market.Dat Rivet Chino. It soooooo goooooooooood.
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