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I'm interested to see Claire Underwood in her natural, Amazonian habitat.
New trailer is out for S7. Includes Ezekiel and his pet tiger. Confirms that show has jumped the shark.
Dat bod doh.
Because critics and audiences have determined that want a more "Marvelesque" universe, and DC has accepted that.
Seems they're abandoning the line about her armour being stained red from the blood of her enemies. More color in that poster than all of BvS.
Based on my EFFs and SuSu Havannas, a 42L correlates fine.
Love this. Everyone finds inspiration somewhere. As goofy as it sounds, I had no pointed interest in playing a Strat until I heard the John Mayer Trio live album.
I too love the HB stripe as a signature detail. Although I suppose the rivets in rivet chinos were eventually phased out.
A coil split in the bridge humbucker would likely work too.
New Posts  All Forums: