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José to ManU official. Let the circus begin.
You just described my exact order. Ended up going White MOP though for a bit of "colombian drug lord" vibe.
good lord. what can be seen... Edit: blatant MaryJane reference by Faith referring to her man as "Tiger"
And all this on top of the twitter campaign to make Cap gay.
Dude @tricky my H&M sweatshorts are a way of life.
Nice meta-nod to Birdman there
Did I miss my chance to meet @tricky?
Out at Disneyland today and saw a dude sporting the Mocha leather Bergen backpack. Props to you if you're on SF.
Are we all descending into racism for not preemptively concluding it's Idris Elba's role to lose?
The one morning I don't check in, EP firesales Carmina dubmonks in my size. :shakesfistangrilyatsky:
New Posts  All Forums: