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Thanks all for the well-wishes. We're very excited, but very nervous. That swatch above was what I was gunning for. Somebody take it.
I'm sorry - if you don't want to be gawked at, don't wear metal bikins. Don't do so, and then complain when men oogle you. How is this not common sense?
There's a special brand of slutty specially reserved for ComicCon
Dang. Chills. So dope.
Strung up my JMStrat with 11s this afternoon. So much chime. So beautiful.
Seeing all these pics really bums me out that its still two years away.
On off-tangent post, but... EP friends - found out I'm going to be a dad, again, today. Pretty psyched. Also means that funds for FF jacket are now going to be set aside for other purposes. Anyways, carry on.
Momotaro itself doesn't make many "skinny" cuts. But do look into the Blue Owl x Momotaro collabs, because they do produce much slimmer cuts.
I remember playing electric plugged into headphones one night in my room. Wife couldn't hear it one room over.Got a nut furiously pounding on our front door at 2am. (Which I couldn't hear because of the headphones, but woke my wife up and proceeded to yell into her face about the racket I was apparently making. Douche nozzle)
Sharp, Frank
New Posts  All Forums: