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I'm between 6 and 6'1 and can do either the R or L in the jackets; depends on the cut. Usually have to resort to the R for the more generous trousers in suiting; the L-sized pants are actually cut slimmer than the corresponding R-sized pair by a little over an inch
Opted for the 42L too - reassured. FWIW I'm 6'1 and 200.Also in the same boat; Galways look great, but could never bring myself to pay $1700 for a pair of boots. Never even on my radar.
I've gotten two dark, conservative Havanas and love them too. Looks good
That's awesome. I ordered a forest shawl too. What size did you get vs your height weight?
Thought the girl was Luke's Jedi progeny
Finn gonna get it handed to him, methinks.
Private video is private
As one of those 30% that Mike mentioned in warmer climates, the idea of a sand-colored EP M65 is very appealing.
Hmmm. Just rewatched Winter Soldier a few weeks ago. Can't remember her. Oh well.
Who is the chick on Cap's team? No scarlet witch?
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