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USA coughs it up to Denmark after surrendering the lead twice. More and more obvious that Klinsmann is a wonderful face to the program, but not the greatest tactician. After scoring the winner, you don't keep pressing and then let a subpar Denmark out-pass you to clip two goals (from Bendtner even) in 7 minutes.
I can get behind that lex. Looks like a haggard Michael Rosenbaum.
Bank on them StevenT.
Just snagged a set - thank you so much for that heads up!
Thank you all - Little girl, 18.5-inches, 6.75 lbs, mama and baby doing great.
Sasha and the preacher got to go.
Favorite shirt for the biggest occasions. Headed to the hospital for the birth of our second. EP blue OCBD.
It's a sad, inverse relationship. The more aesthetic you get in your workout clothes, the less so in regular clothing.
I am epically disappointed I missed out on the Knit Tie blowout. Stupid school.
New Posts  All Forums: