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I have two strats and still want a Nash
I'd recommend Co-op guitars. Or look at Nash too.
Probably a bit of both. In different batches, most leathers are never 100% copies of each other.
And Messi will stand trial for Tax Fraud.
CAWWWWWUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!1! Please, AMC, take me back to the Ricktatorship and leave these California weenies behind to die. Except Daniel.
Taylor Swift. and I realize, furthering my google-search, that she's also used LP's and Strats on stage... but just something about this seems commercially convenient as Fender is pushing the Jaguar again, and you conveniently have one of the biggest pop stars in the world pick one up. No doubt the scale length.
Based on the way the SA's try to style their suits, and fit customers into things that shouldn't fit them, I would never trust SuSu tailoring to give me a finished product that actually fits. That's what my own guy is for. Sad to say, you're probably screwed on this suit.
With how Ozil and Di Maria have performed thus far in their Post-Madrid careers, I don't mind the sales nearly as much as I thought I would. Still would've kept Xabi Alonso though.
Praise the Lord, the "size down X" days are behind us. So many pairs of flipped denim on the B/S.
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