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Dem Bears doing it for me this season
Leave it to RM to drop points and let a raging Barça back into it
I'm a hair larger - 6'1 and 195-205 depending on diet and work. I universally take L in EP shirting, but would wear a 42 Doyle if it came down to it.I believe the overdyes were "missized" by one, so that you would be sizing up from your EPNY size to accommodate (i.e., XL EPLA overdue = L EPNY).When in doubt though, go with the measurements comparison.
Attending soccer live is wonderful. Especially in South America or Eastern Europe where your life may be in danger as a result.
And I had just talked myself out of thinking I needed that one...
Can't stand the incessant penalties and subsequent reviews. Let the boys play.
I have one:I'm 6'1 on a good day. The body is short and cropped, per the style, but not overly so. FWIW, I took a Large - my standard EP size - in the jacket and it worked out well. I've taken XLs though too in EP outerwear (Mulberry Leather) and been fine. Just depends what you're looking for.
I managed to grab the Black on Black Thorpe last year and have zero regrets. That caramel calfskin against Navy looks sessy.
Came by a '89 MIJ '62 Strat on craigslist tonight. It's springy.
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