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No, you don't need to be a force-user to wield a saber - it just helps so you don't cut something off your own person, given the weightless nature of the blade. I think Finn is going to be a good hero, swimming out of his depth... at least at the start.
Yeah, usually until the snap is noticeably gone. Given that I play maybe 1-2x a week at present, can go a few months.
Definitely buy the larger size. If your waist measures the exact same as the waist of the pant, the pant won't close. You always need some allowance
Have 4 players who are 50% for this coming week. Really considering an early wildcard, but don't want to be stranded come week 12-13 or so. EDIT: WHOA, almost spaced that it's a NT break. Don't want to be hasty now.
Nike just released a Ronaldinho tribute boot that looks gorgeous. I still remember this:
Good question. Mid-life crisis-ers who jam in their blues band on weekends thinking they're the next JB
Avengers will be a good red box night. Never did see that
hahahahahahaha. At least it only took 2 years to figure out.
Now awaiting the inevitable KyloRen porno.
Did anyone who got a long size have that noted on the tag? My size tag on the inside neck just reads 42, I believe.
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