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Post of the year. Boom go the truth bombs.
Good lord Atleti have the away goal.
You're not the only sane one in this thread.
There will always be room for Salingers in this thread.
If you believe the web, the Foxes are trying to lure Totti to Leicester for a final season next year...
HISTORIC Way to go Leicester. Modern day fairy tale, that.
Well thumbs up to that
EP Mulberry leather on a drizzly day.
Just finished DD S2, and really, really enjoyed it. Probably more than S1. Didn't care for Elektra's casting, tbh - physically I thought she should always be a bit more robust than the woman they had. But loved it - especially as [[SPOILER]]
Hoping Leicester can put down ManU at OT. Loving La Liga, but Barça's last two games are not indicative of them slipping up again. Who knows though - this is why it's great. RM not looking good w/ injuries to CR7 and Benz. Time for Bale to show why FP paid so much.
New Posts  All Forums: