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.gif is too large to include here, but the article is fantastic. Mere mortals attempt to jump with CR7.
Had a guy next to me wearing a belt while biking today.
Not quite reverb, but I'm going to look into an Aqua-Puss. Check it - getting down to 20ms echo works for me better than a strict reverb pedal.
Oh - I'd never reached that point on the IOS app, I suppose.
That's errday on Stronglifts.Dat feel of reppin' 300+lbs squatz. (*mentally, "Hit 6... ok, another... ok, another!... ok, another... and another!...ok, do it again biatch!)
And, FWIW, MTO orders are disclaimed as their delivery being subject to pressures/workload at the factory where they're done. I wouldn't worry though. I don't know if there's anyone on the board who's experienced an unfavorable experience w/ EP that hasn't been remedied and given attention from Mike & co.
Was going to say this - most e-retailers' site measurements are from an exemplar pair, or the average of many different pairs in stock. A quarter of an inch is a very, very small amount of variation and to be expected from pair to pair.
GC'd today; compared the Mayer sig. Strat w/ a American Std. Neck is flatter and wider on the Mayer, and those Big Dipper pups are absolutely solid. The std. on the other hand is strung w/ custom shop 50's or whatever they're calling them. Had an interesting experience involving both guitars. Took the Mayer Strat first and plugged in - played for over an hour. At first it felt a tad awkward and took a moment to get comfortable on the neck, etc. but by the end of the hour...
Getting ready for Celebrity Throwdown: EP Edition - SVB vs. Wj4.
A 1/2 inch is a quick and easy fix for a tailor. No problem. Body length would be more worrysome - sleeves are easily let out.
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