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Hope Vardy skewers ManU today.
They've actually been selling Spiderman stuff in Tomorrowland for over a year now.Season of the Force was incredibly cool. The new Star Tours goes through Jakku and it's awesome.
Thank you for the heads up on the Rider sale. Grabbed two pairs myself.
From Marvel HQ at Disneyland this week. (Former top floor of the Carosel of Progress, bottom floor is the Star Wars Launch Bay)
Had the off white tennis trainers in 11.5 in my cart, and they were swooped. To whomever snagged them, enjoy. All was not lost though. Got the white women's trainer for my wife for Christmas. If I can get her on my side with how cool EP stuff is, I won't have to be so cloak&dagger re: future purchases...
The British Accent ... ?
His head is destined to be bashed in by Neegan
SF needs a proper :shame: emoji
Read this and it occurred to me that I hadn't seen any updates from Jay in a while. What's the story behind him leaving SF?
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