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So basically, like the Smallville super-hearing effect.^^
Picked up my Strat for the first time in a few weeks today, and the action felt high. Eyeballed it and saw that the neck is looking a bit convex for my taste. How frequently do strat-owners find themselves having to adjust the neck - be it by resetting the relief, action, or truss rod directly - based on the changing of the seasons?
Spider-Gwen? Seriously?
... and with that, Liverpool and Tot'num out of Euro competition as well. EPL - strongest league in the world?
Murdock w/ dat collar roll.
Cue the annual chant of "Wegner must go"
I want you all to know that in my copy of FIFA 15, I created myself as a pro and played through a career. I was bought by Arsenal, but still being only 19 in the game, I asked for a loan for playing time. At the end of deadline day an offer came in and I took it... To Derby County. Was in the relegation zone at the winter break, and I propelled them back up to mid-table to stay in the Premiereship. You're all welcome.
I'm a big fan of their collars. Very hefty. The spread and semi-spead fit easily under my lapels. Don't have experience with their button downs.
Oh my goodness.No. It's a split waistband in order to facilitate alterations.
DANGIT, was just coming to be a hero and post that about Spiderman. Should've known RFX would be on the ball
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