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Was on the fence re: Suicide Squad. That photo completely shut it down for me. Will not watch.
Two Havana's arrived today. Fit almost right, but I'm afraid they're just too tight in the thighs/lower seat. The search continues.
That sad day that you realize you are far more aesthetic in your workout clothes than regular clothes.
Agreed. KOTR 1 and 2 on Xbox was amazing.
Warmoth is top notch stuff. Great quality. Many Warmoth strats, while not recognized as equal on branding terms, are far better put together than their Fender equivalents.
Loving the tencel blend in this shirt at work today.
I am disappoint. Was hoping for the Porto upset.
I fear my life may be put on hold for the next while.
Excited to find this thread - inasmuch as it didn't immediately pop up in the search function. Got sized up at the LV store a few months ago, and finally pulled the trigger on two suits last week. Should arrive on Thursday. Very excited. Found the 42L in the majority of jackets to fit extremely well OTR, along with the 40L York. Ended up purchasing two Havanas in the 42L. Only worry is that the thighs are too small. Don't mind the sub-8inch hem, but hoping for some room...
What is this now? I am unfamiliar.
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