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No, they won't permanently stretch out in the same way.
I was hoping for a non-sucky movie
Nothing about that looks legit
Is a 12.25 thigh on a tagged 34 or 36 what we're considering "muscular" now?I am a veritable fat-a in comparison.
Too tight. Return.Also too tight. Return.
This is just so
Will remain bummed that cinematic Flash is not CW's Flash.
I don't think this advice is difficult to understand. Mauro can wear a M or L, but for comfort's sake he chose an L in these new tees. If you want a slim fit, get normal size; if you want a bit more room, size up 1.
This is a fantastic reply - thank you.
Forgive the question as I suspect it's been answered somewhere back in the thread, but I just read in the now-defunct Carmina/EP MTO thread that EP won't be regularly stocking Carmina any longer.. I know the shell options were going out the window just due to supply, but why distancing yourself from the brand, Mike?
New Posts  All Forums: