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The Road Worn series are nitro finished.
I had only known them as such
How do we collectively feel about the "Road Worn 60's" Strat? Sold my USDeluxe and want to put the proceeds into a less expensive but just as serviceable guitar.
IV - V - vi. Never gets old
ESPN running a headline about Walcott's return fr injury being a "turbo-charged boost" for Arsenal. Laughable. Walcott will run fast for maybe 2 months before injuring himself again.
Florsheim Imperials, scored from the bay. Better fitting last than any Barrie I've ever tried.
I was still under the impression that PRS put out a quality instrument...
Ah, the ol' "Let's split one story into two movies" deal. At least they're only a year apart in release.
Sounds like a list of brands ripped from a recent Details or GQ issue
Wore my NatCXL LWBs to church today. Hadn't worn them in a while and it was a pleasure to lace them up again. Had a brief Lexol session with them afterwards; they're aging beautifully. Great product, Mike.
New Posts  All Forums: