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But was Eva Green hot?
I can't possibly size down two on APCNS, "moron"
The board says a lot of crazy, messed up things. I would think genital discomfort would've tipped you off immediately.
The Imperial Shearer will fit your bill. Available at Self-Edge
I just have to say, based on the last few pages of this thread: Mauro, you have some of the most finicky, anal customers on the planet. God bless.
I'm wary of anything with the word "death" in in, as relates to music
My Arena Reverb arrived today, and just finished a 3-hour session with it. Fantastic pedal. Sounds wonderful. Could be my favorite thing on the board.
Wedding reception w/ EPLA OCBD, Aubergine Rudys, caramel EP dress belt and (sockless) NatCXL LWBs. Don't know of there'll be a mirror to snap in, but just wanted it out there....
Qualify "be better." There has to be a reason MIM necks go for $150 while USstds go for $499 on eBay.
The tinkerer side of me wants to build a partscaster. But I know any such endeavor is just a $blackhole. Should I just save up and go for an AVRI that fits my bill?
New Posts  All Forums: