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I'm bummed its such a limited release trailer. Will have to scour the interwebz instead. Or just likely come here. Also, hype for a mere trailer is getting ridiculous.
My wife surprised me with my birthday present a week early - we were out at Guitar Center for their "pre-black-friday" deals, and I saw a used Deluxe Reverb Reissue for a fair price. I've been content with my Blues Junior, but had mentioned in passing to her that I'd upgrade in the future as I want to get back into gigging. She looked at the price of the used DDRI, and the price of the new one sitting next to it (about $500 more), and said those magical words, "Just get it...
But are the beanies teenage-hipster-girl approved? You all know the look to which I refer.
Trial on Friday I expect pics, people.
US giving me downtrodden headshakes. Also, Sturridge injured again.
Swapping out a set of Fender Hot Noiseless from one of my guitars. Anyone interested?
The real question is why one would buy jeans knowing they'd shrink to be unbuttonable after first wash.
Shell vans. And I mean that uhoh in a bad way
Has anyone else noted how you now have the option of purchasing "Gift Cards" on the site? Brilliant move.
2nd on the door over two filing cabs.
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