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Another never-bald checking in. I'll be grey by 30, but no receding here.
Joe Walsh was always a big proponent of the TalkBox.
ESPN just confirmed Moyes out. Expect Giggs to take over duties until end of season. Also, Gawker just dropped this article on the appeal of footie to NY Hipsters. Makes me want to punch someone in the face. Especially that image w/ the girl w/ the isht glasses bein' all
Moyes should be out. Not that ManU's squad is really full of genuine world beaters, but winning the title under SAF to sitting... well... just about where Moyes' Everton constantly sat in the standings is not even a lateral move.
I always wanted the 11s, but then went on my "size for thighs" bender and didn't look back. Pricey too.
5 is different cut from 11 and 13.11 and 13 differentiate in that one is a left-hand twill and the other is a "normal" jean in blue weave / white weft - while sharing the same cut.TBH, not that difficult to tell.
Feelin' jealous of errybody's day in LA. lesigh.
PR'd today: 1rm @405lbs DL. Not pretty, but got straight up and didn't hurt myself.
Saw the backend of that game. Liverpool has it all to lose now.
Transaction didn't finalize in the end, so they're back.
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