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Chelski/Citeh been good this far
Darn it. Really, really thought Atlético had it in them to take Barça at the Calderón. Fantastic fist half, then stifled through the 2nd. Also, dat Torres goal.
Filmography feels heavily MoS-inspired. Also, doesn't look as bad as it had been made out to be.
That sounds like far more "not perfect" than otherwise. So basically the collar and arm fits.
Thanks Mike - I apologize if my original post read as more gripey than I had intended.
I think women have a term for those. Leggings.
Source? I had not yet read of this.This is my guess. Not right in the head right now.Home fans were doing their thing as he got expelled. He brushed the "World Champions" badge off in noticable fashion as he left. Nothing other than responding to the jeers.
Wow - CXLAltWeins in 11 and 11.5 went fast. Was honestly more excited about that than the shell boot this afternoon.
What a crazy day in the FACup.
The cut of the thighs and legs often has little to do with the fit of the top block.
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