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What about a turquoise turtleneck?
No, I don't live in LA. The LA comment was tongue in cheek hence the wink. I take the subway everyday. Like I said, I wouldn't sneakers with my suit at work or to a business meeting but on the subway I'll take function over form anytime.Eh, like I said, on the subway I'll take function over form.
I only wear them when I'm communiting. If I go in and out of the office during the day I wear my dress shoes. Besides the sneakers are new and clean. Would I wear them to a business meeting? No, but they don't look bad. If wearing comfortable shoes while communiting to work makes me an idiot, eh, I guess I'm an idiot.
One of the bankers I work with just wore one of his regular suits along with some horns that he glued to his forehead. He said he's dressed up as "his natural form".
Dry floors are no problem. The time I tried walking on wet terrazzo flooring was a different story. It was like walking on ice. I usually end up walking about 30 minutes or so after work and I've found my sneakers more comfortable.Well I find them more comfortable. I'm not really concerned with how they look with my suit. They're a plain white Nike sneaker and I keep them clean and I'm not going to any business meetings so whatever. If something came up I could change back...
I just wear a pair of Nike running shoes (winter boots in the winter) when I'm commuting to and from work. I just change into my EGs when I get to the office. For me it's a comfort safety thing. Running shoes are a lot more comfortable to wear and walk in and it's a lot easier to run for a subway in them. If it's been raining my EGs with their leather sole offer no traction whatsoever on the smooth terrazzo floors of subway stations.
No they're not. RIM has denied the rumors in several locations.The rumor was started by a chip analyst (not even a consumer products analyst) and he was basing his rumor of off semiconductor production from one of RIM's suppliers.
I have a 15" drop and I get all suits bespoke otherwise the fit is horrible. The only advice I can offer is to save up some money and get a suit made.
Two pair; one black and one brown.
Thanks for the update. So the main advantage of the trunk show is that the MTO charge is waived?
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