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Nice chunky sole on those. The look goes well with the stitching around the toe of the Indy.
Yeah, at about 3:35 into the film his other hand starts to goin' to work on somethin' else. It's probably staged, but disturbing nonetheless.
Posting clothing photographed on mannequins would take even more objectification out of the equation.
I have 2 pair of jump boots, and both are on the Trubalance.
He could probably stand to lose the tie, wear a lighter shirt and chose a pocket square with greater contrast (darker or lighter). The jeans do look a bit informal for the upper dress. Also, skinny/fitted jeans and monks on a guy with his proportions? Maybe not.
I've just continued to use the Meltonian. It doesn't bother me the way it used to because when I actually use a cleaner on the shoe it takes a bit of the polish off. So when I give them a fresh cleaning/polish/ wax it has a nice patina to it. On Cordovan I think Venetian will get some wax off. I also hear Renovateur does about the same. I will remind you, though, eventually after wear those color 8's will look like Cigar anyway. I bought a color 8 belt a couple of years...
I've come to understand that when these companies label their products, "Cordovan," that it's in the brown Allen Edmonds cordovan and not the burgundy Alden cordovan. I purchased Meltonian shoe cream in Cordovan for a pair of Merlot calf wing tips and realized after the 4 or 5 polishes that they were looking much browner than any Color 8, or even their original Merlot for that matter. From my understanding shoe creams have more pigment than wax, hence turning the shoe a...
I just don't get why anyone (male or female) would wear something that they thought wasn't attractive, to themselves or others or both. Regardless of who or what they want to attract or if they simply want to please themselves, the sexuality from clothing can not be overlooked. It's why we wear different sizes, fits, colors, textures and fabric. Obviously not everyone is as attuned to what looks good on them but it certainly doesn't mean that they're not striving for...
This is common. I own 2 pair of cap toes on the Hampton last. I have a black, perf. cap toe in calf and a cap toe in #8 burgundy shell. The #8 shells definitely fit looser (enough for thicker socks). I also own 2 pair of Jump Boots from Leather Soul. One pair is Chromexcel and the other #8. Again, the shell fits looser even compared to the soft Chromexcel.
Hey Guys, Anybody know of a Alden vendor taking pre-orders for navy blue suede long-wings? I think I may have missed Leffot by a couple of months. Thanks, Joe
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