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I think GBR is overstating the point. Put on the suit jacket without the suit and see if it looks right: I have some suits where I can get away with this, especially if it's a solid color jacket on the unstructured side. Most of my suit jackets don't look right at all orphaned though. From the picture you linked to I can't tell if the jacket would work as a blazer (kind of really looks like a suit jacket that would always look like a suit jacket), If your suit jacket...
While I do find the no notch lapel rule a bit silly, I'll admit that based on casual observations at the too many black tie events I've been to this year that there is a correlation between notch lapel wearers and illl fitting tuxes, with inappropriate shoes etc. One of my tuxes has notches, and when I wear it I can feel the disapproving stares of the black-tie ninjas burning a hole in my jacket.
The "no notch lapel" rule always amused me. It's one of those rules that some obsessive self-appointed style maven made up at some point and then has been repeated ad-nauseum like it's some sort of black tie decree from god. I prefer peaks, but notches are fine in an otherwise well-put-together tux.
Got the Kiton tie. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks!
The PO is now pretty much a classic and perfectly acceptable with a suit or in a casual setting. I'd go so far as to say that Omega and Rolex dive watches have moved into the realm of being conservative and traditional suit wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing Driving loafers. Probably from Tod's. +1 Also, for me the ultimate travel shoe is the Alden unlined suede chukka. Not sure if they are your style, but they are light, incredibly comfortable right away, and look great with just about everything you would want to wear while traveling (ie, no conservative business wear).
Quote: Originally Posted by Christopher Essex ...your wife walks into the study, sees what you're surfing (SF), and exclaims "Why aren't you looking at naked women, like normal men?". Ha -- definitely. I'm much more embarrassed to have my wife see me looking at style forums on the computer than good old fashioned porn.
The biggest and IMO most important variable is how the shirts are washed. The shirts I send to the cleaners every two or three weeks to be washed go for about 2-3 years before the cuffs and collars are frayed and the color is off (so about fifty outside cleaner washings seems right). The shirts I wash at home in cold water (slimmer shirts where if they shrunk at all they'd be too tight) last much longer-- 5+ years. But I'm lazy and would rather wear out a shirt by sending...
I bought an MG 38s suit on Gilt. Fit was almost perfect and the fabric/workmanship was very good (especially given the $$ I spent). The jacket length is pretty short (on the shortest end of the acceptable range), but I like short cuts so it didn't bother me. My only complaint is that there is too much shoulder padding, but I plan on trying to get that fixed.
43.5mm is fine -- watches don't trend back and forth like tie widths, so a slightly bigger watch will be fine for years (it's not like it's some 50mm+ tank or anything). As for the brand, it looks like a nice watch, but if you are in the market for a new watch I'd stick with a brand that primarily makes watches, as opposed to a jack-of-all-trades kind of place. You can probably get an equivalent watch for a little over $1,000, and if you are going above $3,000 look for...
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