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Hi, I am trying to build up my wardrobe. I have a few pairs of shoes. I have a black pair of lace ups, 2 black loafers, 1 black pair of addidas street shoes, white pair of addidas, nike sandals. All of my shoes are in black, simply because they are the easiest to wear with the widest variety of cloths. I was looking to buy brown shoes. This is what I wanted to get however in the brown. I wanted to know, what is the quality of these shoes, and what should i wear with...
Hi, I was planning on getting a burberry trench coat in the next couple of weeks. I was wondering whats the difference between the versions that are like 1600 vs the ones that are 750, other than the cotton in the upper tier one. If that is really the only difference is it really worth it? These were the two I am comparing Coat 1 Coat 2
Hi, what do you guys think of these shoes, as well, would i be able to wear these with jeans?
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