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Quote: Originally Posted by cardguy Who graduates in October? In Ontario nearly all public schools hold it in October, since with prom and exams there is no time at the end of grade 12, instead they treat it as almost as a homecoming. We basically go back, re-meet friends, complain about university to teachers, and actually have time for a graduation. EDIT : FORGOT TO ADD THAT WE WILL NOT BE WEARING GOWNS OR HATS
Hi, I just received mail from my high school, and I have been invited to commencement and an awards ceremony - I'm receiving several upper level awards. However, It says the event is formal, and it says to dress accordingly. I went to a public high school, and it says dress accordingly to a formal event; am i right to seriously doubt the appropriateness of wearing formalwear to my graduation? Instead, I just bought some AE Fifth Avenues ( a huge upgrade from $80 shoes...
Hi, I would like to buy the ralph lauren shoes. What is the model name? Can you offer it for 85 shipped to toronto?
Banker shirt ( white collar, white french cuffs and blue and white shirt) in 16.5
What is the proper way to pair the tie. I have a light grey suit, a black one, and a navy blazer; and a wide variety of shirts.
I was interested in buying this tie. Would this tie go well with a light blue shirt? As well, would you guys wear it?
send me paypal info for the brown shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman What is California theme? i think its kind of like a beach theme.
Hi, I have a california theme party tomorrow. Would this work out? White chino or khaki shorts that cutoff at the middle of the knee and a white and light blue stripe dress shirt, tucked in, with the sleeves rolled up and top two buttons undone. And boat shoes with matching belt.
I have a fairly casual event and my frat house tonight. I was wondering what I should wear with this blazer.
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