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Hi Drew, Roughly how many jackets have you guys sold since the inception of TOJ?
It is all about the ATG
man I love this lamb.. it feels buttery and soft, I'm being a bit melodramatic thinking it is going to tear whenever it touches anything lol so used to my calf leather but this lamb just fits so much better, and a hell of a lot more comfortable too.
TOJ A2 Bomber - Black Lamb ReviewAs I write this, I am wearing my new leather bomber, lamb, that just came through the post this morning after being shipped last Friday from South Korea. I have to say, exceptional shipping time as well as no customs hassle.When I got the silver-grey bag, I immediately went took my knife and opened it up. The smell of leather slapped me in the face and as I regained consciousness I stuffed my hand in the bag and felt butter.Once I took it...
damn I really enjoy dragging myself up and down the gravel sidewalks of Montreal!I think I'll be fine with the lamb bomber (I literally just received it in the post, review to come shortly with pictures).. especially with the Montreal weather, we don't get rain that much and when we do it isn't very hard.
probably a silly question but: if I get caught in a rain shower with my lamb leather jacket, will it get ruined? is it easily scratchable? I had a calf leather jacket and that thing was a tank. or is your lamb much better than the regular lambs out there
That is beautiful.The slightly shiny one, what leather is that? Goat?
Anyone get their tracking yet? I heard Drew was pumping a bunch of them out today.
I think your pricing is completely reasonable for a MTM leather jacket. Hell I've bought two of them so far and I know they are going to last me my entire life and be an item that I will pass down.You take a look at these designer leathers and for one, the quality is garbage, and two they are over double your price.TOJ offers an amazing product at a very competitive price, hence the penetration you've made over the past year or so.Whoever is complaining or making remarks...
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