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after speaking with him, albeit in portuguese and my portuguese isnt good, i believe he will accomodate the style i want so im not so worried about that.
Sorry, being very naive here but I dont understand the acromyns. whats cmt, pow, sc?i agree with what you have said about a lot of the brasilian gents and this tailor actually tailors for the ex-mayor of curitiba and now governer of Parana state.
@ celery I think thats the problem in Curitiba. Not many big international companies and the tailor is hidden away down town. It turns out that he used to do suits for my finance's dad and he really liked them but as time when on, he was able to buy cheaper suits from the high street despite them no being of the same quality. This guy has been in business for 41 years. For the samples i have seen, the work does look good. the alterations he has done for me so far are...
I am of the same train of thought. I plan to take a few more items for alterations with him on saturday and then discuss more about the bespoke suit. I also want to check if he does shirts. One thing that slightly dissapointed me was that he wont shorten a sleeve from the shoulder, only the wrist. Ona a seperate note, if I went for a suite made from the Ermenegildo Zegna material, could I expect the same material that would be used in an actual Ermenegildo Zegna suit?
thanks, thats what i as thinking. at the end of the day 1500 isnt a huge amount of money and if the material is good and the cut is ok, at worst it would be an average work suit.
Having recently moved to Brasil and being unable to return the the UK anytime soon, I was thinking of using a local tailor that I have found to make me a bespoke suit. He uses either material fro UK or Italy (Ermenegildo Zegna). I have recently had some trousers shortened and the waist taken in by him and the job looks really good. Obviously, a bespoke suit is something totally different. I have seen some examples for his work and to me, they look really good. But...
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