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i like the simple answer buying it online, so if it fits, i will keep it.is it worth 1500 gbp?
i paid $5k and got it valued the same day at $7.5k. couldnt afford more at the time as i was earning $30k working in mexico
Simple, Yes or No to this TF suit.
its a desirable store in mexico!
I actually love the third pair. do you have the model of them so i can try to pick up a paid myself?
I off to Napoli for New Years. Anyone have recommendations of any shops I have to visit?
What is your goal? to just increase weight? if i were you i would look at your technique 1st. take a read through this. Phase 1: Setup (Prepare yourself by putting on your lifting apparel: shoes, shirt, singlet, belt, and wrists wraps, in that order. Chalk your hands heavily to get a good strong grip and your shoulder blades and butt to prevent any possible sliding off the bench). Feet Back: Metal Militia Technique (First lie down high on the bench so that your head...
quit or come and work for me. i need an economist to help out with stress testing!
he has already shown me many examples of his work. he seems to have hell of a lot of work on. i will enquire about seeing one on a customer though
this!we should be discussing weighted pull us and whats the total weight as i bet thereis a large weight distrubtion in users here
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