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I actually love the third pair. do you have the model of them so i can try to pick up a paid myself?
I off to Napoli for New Years. Anyone have recommendations of any shops I have to visit?
What is your goal? to just increase weight? if i were you i would look at your technique 1st. take a read through this. Phase 1: Setup (Prepare yourself by putting on your lifting apparel: shoes, shirt, singlet, belt, and wrists wraps, in that order. Chalk your hands heavily to get a good strong grip and your shoulder blades and butt to prevent any possible sliding off the bench). Feet Back: Metal Militia Technique (First lie down high on the bench so that your head...
quit or come and work for me. i need an economist to help out with stress testing!
he has already shown me many examples of his work. he seems to have hell of a lot of work on. i will enquire about seeing one on a customer though
this!we should be discussing weighted pull us and whats the total weight as i bet thereis a large weight distrubtion in users here
@Romain totally agree. will just keep it simple and classic at first. if he is good then i will get many more made and then i will be able to "experiment"
cheers I know he has Dormeuil and H. Lesser, i will have to confirm what else he has when i go back this week. i was thinking of a navy and definietly a 2 button and then if that looks good, i also want a PoW grey.
the reason it appears so steep is down to a few factors. firstly the usd fx, secondly everything here costs about 3x what it would in the US/UK and lastly, we get compensated for this in our pay. hence, the cost in reals is 1800 whicha actually isnt that much for people working here. no worris about the acronyms as i need to learn.the reason i mentioned Zegna is that i dodnt know the other fabrics that were all british. any in particular that i should be looking out...
i did ask and he does do them but he did give me a good contact so i will be getting some shirts too!
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