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unfortuantely not every accepts amex but where it is accepted, i awlays use it. i have had the rewards card in the past and recently switched to the BA card. after having it for only 6 months, i already have 2 free flights from uk to brasil, so i cant fault the rewards. likewise, customer service has always been A1 but recently their marketing side is a pain in the arse. they will not take no for an answer. so i change the default number from my brasil phone to uk...
cheers, i'll take a look
Tiffany's is a complete rip off. if i had bought one there with the same clarity, colour and carat i would have paid $25k not $5k. in the end my fiancee was happy with the size of the diamond than she would have been with the Tiffany's name.
my regular daily attire also has me leaning towards brown. dont know why but black shoes doesnt really do it for me. i have shoes in all shades of grey, brown etc but only one in black.i guess i'll be added another pair of black though.cheers
sorry for the confussion but it will be my wedding. im having one in brasil and one uk to please both families
Sorry to hijack this thread, but if the germal consensus is black with a grey suit, what would be suggested for a navy suit? i have two weddings coming up and want to wear grey and one and navy at the other. again price range of up to 600usd
i like the simple answer buying it online, so if it fits, i will keep it worth 1500 gbp?
i paid $5k and got it valued the same day at $7.5k. couldnt afford more at the time as i was earning $30k working in mexico
Simple, Yes or No to this TF suit.
its a desirable store in mexico!
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