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i order mon night and it was delivery on wed to the uk
sorry, i have no room for a goat!
my tailor insists o havig my trousers at that length and i keep telling him to make them shorter. with length i thin it comes down to personal choice. i wouldnt say your were too long perse but they are too long for how i like to wear them.
is this the show where they interviewed a woman where she meets random men thtough social networking sites just for sex?
matches is one that i have used quite recently
well i'm already out!
+1 for the tits, even my fiancee liked them!
if you pop in, any chance you could update us as to whats on offer. im heading back to uk tonight adn will be in london on 29th/30th so i will pop over if its worth it
just trying to get to know my fellow sf'ers a little better
does it matter? you plannign on whacking off on it?
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