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ask for an early upgrade?
im loving those latest ones! how would one go about get some commissioned?
am i right in assuming thos only happens when browsing in firefox?
This.or just keep fuckinh up as its really entertaining
actaully me too. i have just recieved the dispatch notification and was coming to here to post. so in fact, I received my order 2 days before
i order mon night and it was delivery on wed to the uk
sorry, i have no room for a goat!
my tailor insists o havig my trousers at that length and i keep telling him to make them shorter. with length i thin it comes down to personal choice. i wouldnt say your were too long perse but they are too long for how i like to wear them.
is this the show where they interviewed a woman where she meets random men thtough social networking sites just for sex?
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