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true but in the centre there are not many brummies
i agree although he did win the title legally either did he.
i still have an appartment in brum. if you live in the right area it can be a great place to live. good shops, bars, restaurants, sport (football and cricket, rugby nnot too far away), music venues etc.
I currently looking for a move back to the UK from Brasil and have been hitting up many of the internet job sites. I have to be a good one and also im having luck with linkedin. Just follow up an applications with a call to the agent and then they will contact you with anything that comes up. just one more thing, im a little confussed by the level you are looking for. You state middle- senior middle management category (Director and above). now where i have...
wont add any beneit. dont bother. just make sure your training and diet are good
mid 30's is gernally seen as the peak for men
well i can honestly say this is bs. given i live in brasil and have travelled to and from many brasilian airports and i have never had anything "nicked" from my luggage
my tailor always does this. every time i have to state it make them shorter and most times i have to get them done a 2nd time. i think he worried about makign them too short.
Floating dump! I am the only one that though it was a reference to shit?
I hope Condit smashes it but i feel if dia can withstand daley, he can take condits best too. diaz by late sub or decision
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