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you really couldnt make this shit up
well given that you guys were so helpful i went ahead and hired a lawyer friend to help with this. so, if anyone else needs some help, i will probably have some answers
well, they are allowed in without a visa for 6 months but obviously i want my wife to saty longer than 6 months and i want her to work. hence, i need a doc that will allow her to do that. im leanign towards the EEA family permit given im a UK national but it just seems too easy given the cost and difficulty of the spouse visa
Anyone know anything about this? From what I can tell there are 2 options 1 - A spouse visa for a settled person 2 - An EEA family permit I cant figure out which one i would need as all the info is contradictary. I am a UK national and hence an EEA national which would suggest my wife can apply for an EEA family permit but some material states that to join a UK citizen in the UK my wife needs a spouse visa for a settled person Any help guys?
i watched about 10 mins, i didnt get it so switched it off. anyone care to enlighten me about what this crap is about?
not sure how i missed this. scrap the red, so is now fully on chardonnay
so the misses loves wine. generally a red or a chardonnay. we get married next month and i want to buy a new case to keep so that we can have on our anniversaries (yes, i plan on having more than 1). any suggestions of what i should/could buy?
I thought I would get in on this. these are the bitches that i just bought. dont have in person yet so you'll have to make do you an interest shot.
tell me about it. 100% agree
isnt it just dropping torrent links for magnet? anyway, try here
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