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Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier Now that I see they are long I will be ordering some. At 6'2", I find most polo shirts in a medium run a big too short... I'm 6'0 and the Large is just right for me. Any shorter and it would be too small.
If you don't feel like spending $250 and don't mind the small logo you can give these a shot:
30% off today? I need to see if I can grab a fitz in navy.
Any fabric available for letting out in the sleeve?
Mabitex / Incotex from B&S. And hope you don't get a blow out.
How about something like this or a solid grenadine like mentioned above?
Maybe you should try on Fitzgerald cut SCs. It is slimmer than Madison.
That orange tie is amazing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Thanks. I'd have to say that the cornflower blue flora is a favorite of mine. Very hard to find linen prints, and good designs are even rarer. Here, I am wearing: Corneliani sportcoat Kent Wang blue gingham shirt Kent Wang cornflower flora linen pocket square Send me an email and we'll look into it. But I guess it's been delayed in customs. Blue Gingham looks amazing. Looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving When you alter a shirt, you take in the side, the armpit, and the sleeves in one sweeping stitch. Armholes are, in effect, moved up. Gotta agree with ace. No amount of work can make a poorly fitting shirt look great (I know, I've tried more than once). And no one would do that amount of work for $10. You're better off spending a little more and getting a decent fit.
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