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Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I just missed one on eBay The zippers on the ebay one looked suspicious. Totally different from the zippers on the one I bought from barneys
Good seller
I also have this pair & they're very nice! $300 is a pretty good price. Quote: Originally Posted by steezy I'm selling the m1134 grigorij p. model in black from ic! berlin. The glasses also come in a tube case with instructions, and a dust cloth. They are brand new, I've tried them on once but they are too wide for my face. Price is $300, but I'm willing to negotiate. I don't have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Has any of this actually sold? I've already bought several belts.
I ended up buying a navy blue one retail. It's a beautiful case & well worth it! Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Thanks for resurrecting this thread so I could once again experience the pain of missing this one. Fuckers . . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog OP has a FREAKING MANNEQUIN in his house. Also, OP obviously is loaded beyond belief -- why the need to sell? These comments are inappropriate. You could say the same for people selling who commonly sell junk on SF for $10 or $20. Do they need to? Is it going to substantially change their financial situation? Probably not. He may not NEED to sell, but he's chosen to. Even assuming that the OP...
PM on belts, also is that purple croc belt part of the listing?
PM on case!
PM for Edward Green Red House Shoes / Slipper
What is the width of the belt? I'm looking for a 1 1/8th inch strap. Thanks!
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