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Quote: Originally Posted by tim_horton I like Air Force Blue, maybe partly because too many times something listed as Navy blue is almost black in appearance... ^ Exactly. I am surprised that for all the animosity toward black suits, navy blue is touted as a perfect alternative or substitute, considering that too many navy blue suits look black in most indoor settings, and forget about it at night.
For what it's worth: sounds to me like you aren't very happy with this suit/jacket, so why bother going through the hassle of replacing buttons especially considering the working cuffs; unless you choose not to replace the cuff buttons, which means you need dark colored front buttons. And if someone can tell the difference between plastic buttons and horn buttons during a wedding celebration, I will owe you a beer.
Schoolchildren when drawing or painting think the ocean is blue... Any nerd in the field of science can corroborate that blue is a peculiar and rare color. Or anyone with the ability to use a search engine. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/24/sc...nt+made&st=nyt This article alone makes me want to get a blue suit.
Glad I read through this thread. I want my next suit to be blue, but not navy blue, a.k.a "Oh I thought it was black" even though I don't have 12 suits. To hell with that conservative rule, I mostly wear suits because I want to anyway. Details on the blue-gray suit picture? What color would you use to ask for a fabric like this one, meaning is there a nomenclature besides blue-gray I don't know about? What's with the slight sheen-- is that just the lighting and...
I'd copy the look from the picture exactly, you know to avoid any hassles. Seriously, those pants look great with that jacket, maybe the pic and the model help pull of the look though...
Smart move my ass. Jeans are jeans, get them on the go anywhere in and out for the cheapest price. It's like saying it's a smart move for Brook Brothers to start selling at JC Penny or Macy's. Levi's is scoring short term points here for the publicity and the branding of higher quality pants. This is a sure sign that BB is struggling, as well as most men's clothing stores.
Avoid the 3 button suit to avoid comments like these saying it looks too big/long on you. Even a perfect fitting 3 button looks strange to me eye. But that's just me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku There is no written rule that says SW&D is only for ages 18-35 or whatever. I've seen guys well into their 50's pull off key SW&D looks very nicely. The fact that you provided that age range, even if glibly, and that you think guys in their 50's can pull off SW&D looks, makes me want to thank the OP for his desire to transition to wearing respectable clothing. Too many manchilds running around these days...
The moment you want to be taken seriously, want your own apartment, your own furniture and such. For some people this age may be around late teens, but nowadays it seems more like late 20's. BTW, I don't think it even has to be done over the top. Stop wearing t-shirts, hoodies and billboard clothing--you know, the kind wear brand names make up the design of clothes.
You should really, highly recommended even by them, measure your best fitting shirt, which means the shirt you think looks best on you, just to be clear. Again, if you don't have a perfect fitting shirt, then why not get the closest one and adjust. If your bulging biceps look like they are going to burst, than add an inch or whatever here or there at your discretion, if your pencil arms are lost in your shirt, then subtract an inch or whatever here or there at your...
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