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If it weren't for that horrible flaring skirt, I'd say just extend the sleeves and your are good to go with a decidedly fashion forward short jacket. I agree it probably won't be wearable after this trend moves on, though. But man, that picture of the back really makes me want to side with everyone on here and say burn that jacket. I am not sure what causes that flaring, and I doubt simply adding an inch in length would help much. On another note, Rev, you seem to be...
I too have wanted to wear a bow tie. But always seem to talk myself out of it. I have this idea of wearing a bow tie to the beach this spring/summer. Sort of like a spring summer look. But then I realize I make fun of those tourists who simply chose to wear a sport coat and tie at the beach. I am less critical of this now, since my SF indoctrination.
Every time these type of threads appear, I think we MC 'ers can come off as bit peevish. But I know no one is like this in the real life Quote: the wrong type of shirt with casual or dress attire (eg spread collar and french cuffs with jeans) I don't mind wearing spread collars without ties. I think I am getting used to it, though due to forced circumstances. I don't want to spend on new shirts with a button down collar or regular when I have...
All she will see is that you complied with her request; this is good. But seriously get yourself to a tailor and ask that the pants be hemmed to avoid that pool of excess material at your feet. And possibly let him have a go at your jacket, maybe he can take in the waist a bit or adjust the sleeves. A tailor is what you need when it comes to all questions about how your clothes looks.
Price point. What price point should i expect for new AE shoes? Is $442 a good price point for a 88 MTM shirts? I think the price point for a bespoke suit made by an Asian tailor should be below that of an English tailor. At that price point, you had better look for some sandals you n00b! I'm selling this on BS at great price point. The price point for my cup of coffee is what you paid for your socks.
All I am seeing is that one could avoid the term price point. Quote: As an example, someone could be looking for a pair of shoes near the $300 price point. The price paid might be $295 or $305. As an example, someone could be looking for a pair of shoes near a $300 price (note that one can omit "price" entirely). The price paid might be $295 or $305. It's not necessary in the vernacular--and I doubt it is even necessary in managerial,...
Bump old thread. I too do not like the popular SF term "price point" Just say price.
It doesn't fit, and it is unlikely you will end up making it fit even you spend hundreds on tailoring. Simple as that. I think its pointless to go beyond this (the button stance, lapels etc). Wasn't there a recent thread about a jacket that didn't fit and was tailored to no help and the OP still wanted to know if it was worth further work and money?
Thrifted some AE driving shoes in tan suede. I think I am going to wear these like other people wear sandals. In my mind I think I can wear them with denim and probably chinos, but I won't find out for sure until I try them.
I suppose if you are young and at some art gallery opening, gig, bar or wherever the crowd will probably be wearing all kinds of "trends" so no one will give a damn about your black chinos. That said, bartenders and waiters do usually dress in all black. This is enough for me to avoid dark colors in general when dining.
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