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Hah. I get fish burps. It's only a fleeting whiff of that smell, so it's not too bad.
did you die?
I have been taking fish oil capsules, and I made mistake of taking one and letting it sit in my mouth as a I leisurlely went to get a glass of water, so the covering melted and holy hell, what disgusting taste and smell. It's like all the bad smells of fish we know of, just in one tiny capsule.
I am not sure about elephant, as I said the weight advantage is there, but the agility is missing. And OP discounted any venomous or poisonous creatures such as snakes and spiders or some freak of nature like this tiny blue octopus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue-ringed_octopus
why hasn't anyone mention polar bear? I would guess they would be evenly matched, on paper at least.
It's not silly. Just choosing a massive animal is silly if it cant be agile enough to at least avoid the grizzly, something smaller, no matter how nimble and agile wouldn't pack enough of a punch, like say a wild boar. Wild boars are fierce, but the grizzly is simply too big. And hippos are land animals as much as water animals. Walruses are no land animals, clearly.
Stop talking about water animals, please per your own requisites. I think we have to sensible about this: the animal must be of at least near equal weight and agility, this is the hardest thing to accomplish. grizzly bears are very nimble for their size.
I dunno, in my mind bulls are hamburgers or for rodeos where men ride them for fun, so I can't see them winning. And that hippo video shatters my idea of what wildlife in Africa is like as it is portrayed for sensation. That was strange to watch.
Hippopotamuses. Aren't they like aggressive as hell killers, or is that just another myth?
I still wear my Harvard sweatshirt, though I never matriculated, I took an online course once.
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