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He statistician: It's a numbers game. Try to look your best, try to seem confident without looking desperate and start approaching women. Be prepared to get rejected. Or get a prostitute and calculate the odds of getting arrested or getting shaken down for money than you thought you owed.
What about acting like an arrogant bastard, does this garner points? I suspect many would enjoy the arrogant bastard shtick instead of the the rest that has been mentioned.
If i start saving now, I can buy a suit and new shoes and airfare for the 20th anniversary. I wonder what kind of lapels will be acceptable then...?
My feet hurt.
I will remain poor. Damn, things didn't pan out like I thought they would, step siblings won out. Damn. Back to trying to invent something.
Pretend you are asking to learn how to swim: Would you be finding help on forums exclusively; maybe you would use forums to find pools and bodies of water, maybe the right swim gear, that's about it. You have to jump into the water. You will look silly in the beginning, but oh well. Now, go out there and learn how to swim!
I don't think OP wants to go out and buy an AMG Merc for 38000 and feel like he got a hell of a deal. Buying luxury used usually is a bust because everyone forgets about insurance costs. But if you have money to buy new, the insurance cost shouldn't be a problem, or surprise.
Go pre-owned certified at a dealer. Save yourself the time and hassle and potential shitstorm of a private sale. You really don't save anywhere near enough to justify an as is sale. Dealer will probably try to sell you something new, especially given your price range. Don't do it unless you know the extra cost involved (can seem like just a 'few thousand' but factor in insurance, financing etc). Stick to your guns and get something affordable. I've never believed in...
The power control module is messed up on me ford. Damn 'puters on cars conking out the fine mechanical ingenuity of a ford engine!
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