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My post is still best advice on this thread. I will add at this point that OP is clearly afraid of rejection. He sounds intelligent, has gainful employment and presumably can afford to splurge on a girl.
Be honest, how much of this can you blame on the weather and your dark woo suit?
Lefty liberals and their welfare state.
Doesn't look 'too short". That picture of your back shows it is fine. I think you and all of us are too used to seeing men wear jackets that are too long.... Every guy wants to think they are 6'1 and fits into that suit of the rack no problemo.
I went back to wearing a watch daily. I am between working where phones are not allowed, and working in shop and the risk of breaking my mobile phone is too much, so I went back to checking time with my watch. Besides, I like being the one person who doesn't incessantly look at their phone throughout the day.
It's instinct. The smell, the sight of the pink vulva filling with blood, the inside of her fat thighs...all leads to an erection and penetration.
This beer I am drinking is shitty.
Where can I get a shiny blue shirt like the one Morrissey is wearing this video?
You can tighten a lot of things. Thing about resumes is that the cliches do matter: keep it short, make it readable, people will read it quickly, mostly scanning. I recommend this book Gallery of Best Resumes libraries usually have them so check it out and just make copies of resumes you like. It showcases resumes categorized under specific career fields. Browse through the whole book to steal ideas and buzzwords. It really does help.
Been noticing more pretty good looking women with serious duds. What gives? (Besides my sour grapes) Don't say penis or money size has to do with it. To look at the these men is to see check-by-check regular joe; I cannot gauge penis size.
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