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It's instinct. The smell, the sight of the pink vulva filling with blood, the inside of her fat thighs...all leads to an erection and penetration.
This beer I am drinking is shitty.
Where can I get a shiny blue shirt like the one Morrissey is wearing this video?
You can tighten a lot of things. Thing about resumes is that the cliches do matter: keep it short, make it readable, people will read it quickly, mostly scanning. I recommend this book Gallery of Best Resumes libraries usually have them so check it out and just make copies of resumes you like. It showcases resumes categorized under specific career fields. Browse through the whole book to steal ideas and buzzwords. It really does help.
Been noticing more pretty good looking women with serious duds. What gives? (Besides my sour grapes) Don't say penis or money size has to do with it. To look at the these men is to see check-by-check regular joe; I cannot gauge penis size.
He statistician: It's a numbers game. Try to look your best, try to seem confident without looking desperate and start approaching women. Be prepared to get rejected. Or get a prostitute and calculate the odds of getting arrested or getting shaken down for money than you thought you owed.
What about acting like an arrogant bastard, does this garner points? I suspect many would enjoy the arrogant bastard shtick instead of the the rest that has been mentioned.
If i start saving now, I can buy a suit and new shoes and airfare for the 20th anniversary. I wonder what kind of lapels will be acceptable then...?
My feet hurt.
I will remain poor. Damn, things didn't pan out like I thought they would, step siblings won out. Damn. Back to trying to invent something.
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