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Curious what occupations, careers, jobs you have encountered in your life that surprised you (maybe) at how well it pays without College or professional degree. I know they exist, and am curious at what you have encountered. Long story short: I met some pipe welders the other day who were looking for welding helpers, and they claim to be making about 80 K a year. My cousin started a job driving trucks (you know those big rigs), he had to get a job due to some...
I know right?Sad thing is that she probably wanted access to safe, affordable contraceptives and perhaps even abortion services, but silly GOP won't have this because....?
Nah. Quite the opposite in fact (at least for America)
The Asian quotas benefit Asians more than anyone else. The reason most (all) asians seek Ivy leagues and other prestigious universities in America is precisely because of that prestige brought on by an Anglo-saxon tradition expected to be found at the school. In other words, I suspect if Harvard were to be turn 70% + Asian, it would lose its cachet as Asians see it.
The root of this problem was best 'solved' thousands of years ago. To whom should the flutes go to ? The best flute players.
If you are a fiscal conservative, you cannot be against abortion. For every one dollar spent in abortion, the federal government saves 4 dollars in future costs.* *Made this up, but it sounds about right
South America is notoriously nationalistic. He is Argentino.
Hey, I didn't choose to be poor. Now give me my CalFresh suckas!
So is it basically an us (young) vs. them (old)? Because if it is, then we should get serious about end of life issues. Hey, it's the 21 C. To be fair, sci fi's predicted worse things should have happened.
All I want is the money fuck the fame OP doesn't even know how lucky he is to be at his age and working what seems to be a meaningful, gainful job given today's 'economic climate' Buy some apartment buildings, invest, and get the $$$$ and stop over thinking shit.
New Posts  All Forums: