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I don't want to save up for a MTM cape, besides being too poor, I am too short for a cape.
Your job sounds stressful, but something tells me you enjoy it, so this is probably a humblebrag sir.
Oh snap
Best think I ever did was go find jesus again in my late teens early twenties. Church going girls in breezy print flower dresses who like to talking to guys who don't look like their brothers or cousins. , and don't get all riled up for sticking to traditional norms. But yea, they are strange.
I have been easily distracted as of late. I normally can sit and read ~50 pages of a book I am interested in one session, but somehow I can't do this right now. I think it's the summer weather, but I have to get some things done. I wonder what would happen if I popped someone's adhd medicine....
So does high school still suck for the ugly kids and rock for the good looking kids? Are kids really that sexually promiscuous as the media says? Because most girls in high school did not give out blow jobs like candy. Do you have shop classes? (actually, I am not that old to have had a shop class, but remember a classroom used to be a woodshop class used mostly for math classes.)
My cheap trousers are sticking to my cheap socks. Agh. Polyester seems to stick to polyester.
This is opposite from the truth in my experience. It seems the Uggos are the ones who are scared to be alone, so they always seem to have a boyfriend (befitting an uggo, of course), while smart, attractive girls go a long time between boyfriends, since they are somewhat picky and know their standards.
lol Vomit clean up fee.
Marine layer at the beach today.... Come on Heat wave, arrive to So Cal.
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