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My ethnic heritage makes me Latino. So I guess I can say this: Why aren't most of us Latinos against illegal immigration or full blown amnesty? I don't like immigrants (this is nothing new in immigrant communities American second generations don't like the "fresh of the boat people" ). It pisses me off to see 40 year old Latino men working at Pizza Hut or Dominos while teenage Latinos go without work. I don't like seeing the hordes of new immigrants in Los Angeles with a...
France for French people!!!!!
I don't know, I am taking everything he says a face value because he seems sincere and advocates more worker rights.
He is a definite pinko who wears ugly ill fitting sport coats and comes from Harvard, Yale and Stanford, but he is good at giving lectures on the ills of capitalism (his book a "Cure for Capitalism". I watched him on PBS and his voice is surprisingly easy to listen to, probably consciously so to get rid of the screeching Marxists stereotype. Maybe we do need to increase taxes to 1950's rates. He said something about 91% after a certain bracket is reached? Agh, so...
Something tells me you guys are probably habitual microaggressors. For shame.
http://www.microaggressions.com/ Real rich stuff going on here.
All you white people can learn a great lesson from this tragedy thanks to an "antiracist essayist, author and educator" http://www.timwise.org/2013/04/terrorism-and-privilege-understanding-the-power-of-whiteness/
> Must be at least 5'10 to wear a hat (in good style) is generally accepted rule (?)
Do poor people really have this much power now? Is there some Yeats poem that sums this up?
^ That pic has always creeped me out. Doesn't fail to every time someone posts it.
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