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^^ That suit is more air force blue than navy, the bluer the suit, the more "sleek and modern" it will appear. Not sure how this would look tie-less. But it is featured on The Sartorialist blog, so yeah.
Interesting. Coming from someone like me, that is, a person whose knowledge of "MC tailored aesthetic" is limited to what I have intentionally sought out here and who has a minimal need to wear jacket and tie, I always thought of MC as the opposite of insouciant. But, then again, If I read into your title, I suppose it really is only the idea of insouciant dressing, because, you are after all wearing a jacket and tie in an age where... well we know what
Yes.And here is another good read against this generation which will not die: boomers.I like this:
I have noticed an improvement being at the pool everyday for last ten days, so I am at least confident I may improve with more practice. my legs are getting worked out probably like never before, so I plan to keep conditioning my kicking. Swimming has shown me I am not as in shape as I hoped I was. It seems to a certain degree, lap swimming requires some anaerobic conditioning, which I have zero experience with since all my land excersices let me heave and puff till my...
I am no longer a young twenty something, and I think I frittered away my youth by being the somewhat typical full of himself kid who didn't bother with internships, meaningful "networking" (see, I still put that in quotes), acquiring real-world skills etc. Oh, and yes I am another humanities major. I don't like working odd jobs anymore and as much as driving a forklift is fun, I want to find myself at least trying to contribute in some more intellectual capacity with my...
bumpy bump Anyone out there learned to swim as an adult? I am one of them and I have to say. WTF. I have already asked others and apparently my problem is typical and simply is dismissed with "just practice, practice" I am always out of breath. It's onne lap and I am heaving and my heart rat is up. Obviously I notice I am doing something wrong when I notice the 60+ year old couple in the lap lanes have been leisurely lap swimming for the past 20 minutes. I have seen...
It's a self selecting bias. I would hope most posters on here analyze clothing and dress. In fact, I think there was a recent hubbub on this topic. I like reading why something is right or wrong and see the poster twist like pretzels trying to defend their argument. In short:
Does anyone still uses mothballs? I have never seen or noticed moth eaten clothes until yesterday while cleaning out a closet . Tiny little holes on a some wool pants I never wore (I had two of the same, hardly wore one of them, so no need for other ever). Now I am freaking out worried some of my jackets and suits that get little use will be eaten. I cleaned out all my closets and drawers and will now look for some preventive measures.
The ceremony is terrible. It's like a high school play with too much money supporting it. This is about right.
Funny, I have noticed this recently myself. Either it has to do with simple fact that women like to chat about more things like this, or we are seeing the effects of more women doing financially better than ever before in society (at least in the USA). Or both. I do want to travel more, even to the obvious tourist places like the Mediterranean and such, but I don't get people's fascination with India and China and some of those other Asian countries. Bleh.
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