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Enough of this shit. Guaranteed minimum income for all citizens. Why fight it, we have people working and still getting government assistance. Anything to shrink the beast of government employees whose sole purpose is to redistribute taxes to poor people. WTF is that about?
Manslaughter!!!!!!!! (my guess minutes before) Damn.
Closing arguments are a snooze fest. T.V. and movies lie!
What pisses me off is that most of these "racists" don't seem like real bigoted, full of hate racists. It's like they like being against the grain in culture, they like being contrarian. At least that is the vibe I gets.
I saw this part of the trial today. The expert medical examiner was clearly on the side of the prosecutor, claiming the injuries were very minor whenever she could answer that way and basically trying to disprove that Zimmerman received many blows, as in more than 4. Also, she refused to even use the word "slamming" because in her view it was too severe.
Spread the word: Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill
Damn. Even if people believe those numbers, No one will give a fuck. Americans have become comfortably complacent.
Thought this was going to some joke on wtf tv...
It appears that the white privilege of some posters have them shrugging their shoulders. Sure, those Latinos are a nuisance but who cares, let them be as long as they do my lawn etc. This is my point. Latinos should be against illegal immigration because it hurts us the most.
My ethnic heritage makes me Latino. So I guess I can say this: Why aren't most of us Latinos against illegal immigration or full blown amnesty? I don't like immigrants (this is nothing new in immigrant communities American second generations don't like the "fresh of the boat people" ). It pisses me off to see 40 year old Latino men working at Pizza Hut or Dominos while teenage Latinos go without work. I don't like seeing the hordes of new immigrants in Los Angeles with a...
New Posts  All Forums: