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So thought I would post a follow up to my inquiry about Metropolitan. It's a good movie. Sort of sputters toward the ending, but not enough to make it bad. I watched Moon. gotta say I love the premise, but just couldn't like this movie. I don't like the casting. Something about this movie feels 'cheap'--though i realize it is an indie film, but still.
Figured this was best place to ask this: what's that movie about bunch of rich, snobby young kids ( i think they are all rich) that i have seen posted on here. I remember that clip about being at some small dormroom (?) house party where you get this wonderful scene with pretentious guy questioning some other guy about "Marxist" philosophy. I think the men are wearing tuxes... Dammit i hate when this happens.
What others have said: Other than going to a shirtmaker and specifying what you want, Just buy the shirts that fit the closest to what you like and take them into a tailor and get them tapered in at the sleeves and waist. I have done this with success. I buy any shirt I like for whatever reason, whether it be for work or play, and take it in to get tailored. I have spent more money on tailoring the shirt than the shirt itself when they are thrift buys! Hope this wasn't...
So I have been thinking I need to update my wardrobe, and I have been thinking: I don't really want more suits. They strike me as stuffy, and even when taken to the full igent extreme, most everyone will assume you are going/coming from work or should be going to an interview, wedding or court. Whereas the properly done odd jacket, trousers and tie outfit strikes me as the real thing to pull off. Note: I am talking about a setting outside the traditional work setting,...
Too many tame suggestions. Get some black watch pents made and wear as tuxedo and not give a fuck.
Wear a morning suit, since to most people wearing a tux is equivelent of a wearing a halloween costume, might as well be in for a pound and wear the morning suit.
Be charming and handsome.
The Asians don't seem to mind.
The women
I am here to inform that the pub closed down. I stopped patronizing his business shortly after this thread began.
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