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> Must be at least 5'10 to wear a hat (in good style) is generally accepted rule (?)
Curious what occupations, careers, jobs you have encountered in your life that surprised you (maybe) at how well it pays without College or professional degree. I know they exist, and am curious at what you have encountered. Long story short: I met some pipe welders the other day who were looking for welding helpers, and they claim to be making about 80 K a year. My cousin started a job driving trucks (you know those big rigs), he had to get a job due to some...
All I want is the money fuck the fame OP doesn't even know how lucky he is to be at his age and working what seems to be a meaningful, gainful job given today's 'economic climate' Buy some apartment buildings, invest, and get the $$$$ and stop over thinking shit.
Hey, I wasn't saying go after gold diggers, What I am saying is ask any women that is not a naive twenty something, and they will look for a man who has stability, and is capable of supporting a household, ultimately this means having some assets and steady income.
I think it will be worth it. Not answering directly, but I have 30 something friends and know friend of friends who are pushing 40 with no assets, little work experience. I suppose they were the typical 'too cool for school' crowd. Frankly, it is quite pathetic to be in that situation. I say keep working hard, buy some apartments, make some more investments and learn to be a self-reliant good citizen. Oh, and there are many women today, given the economic change of...
I had no idea people really used linkedin. Maybe that explains my dismal employment conditions? I had a profile but with little relevant in demand skills and buzzwords, it was pointless.
Being born rich. Does that count, si that an opiton?
Just pointing out in closest thread, Just found out Makers Mark will be watered down to meet increasing global demand. Will go down to 84 proof. I always enjoyed this bourbon. Never have turned into a (bourbon) whiskey 'snob', but this was a good bourbon for price and availability.
Tried watching Equilibrium since most everyone thought I would enjoy since I always say I enjoy Sci-Fi movies. Stopped watching 15 minutes into it.... It is crap unoriginal mish mash of Sci fi.
I was happy to see for the past several days that Mafoofan was on the top poster ticker when I came to this site. Refreshing to see that, thought it seems its back to the norm now....
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