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Wear a morning suit, since to most people wearing a tux is equivelent of a wearing a halloween costume, might as well be in for a pound and wear the morning suit.
Be charming and handsome.
The Asians don't seem to mind.
The women
I am here to inform that the pub closed down. I stopped patronizing his business shortly after this thread began.
Old pair of Allen Edmonds I picked up for a song while back are holding out well and looking good after a shine
I may be a littler slower at this than I had hoped. I still can't do more than 2 laps and it's been over a month.Good stuff jarude. Thanks.I started doing more playing around and less worried about lap swimming. I notice I actually swim further with less exhaustion--by which I mean I feel like I catch my breath by simply doing side glides like you described and just holding out one arm and kicking and switching arms to breath... kind of hard to describe, basically just...
Going to have to buy car tires soon; dammit they are expensive, of course all those lowest priced guaranteed car tire sales seem to have vanished right when I am shopping.
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