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Is what Trump doing here dégagé? Sprezzatura? American pragmatism? It strikes me as wonderfully pragmatic. A new trend ??
not worth the hassle and cost.either learn to like them as they are or sell them and get shoe color you want
Those aren't pretty at all...they are trying to be all things at onceI think you have to realize what a loafer is about to trust the beauty of a classic loafer like Bass Weejuns or similar.chekc this out:
Black shoes and navy suit is the standard "gentleman's uniform" again, if you are seriously advocating the brown shoe blue suit outfit over wearing black shoes as if somehow wearing black shoes is the lesser choice... it's time to step back from the forum and blog advice. I think brown shoes with odd jacket and trousers can look good... Even dark brown and charcoal suit or navy suit, but the quickest way to label yourself as wannabe fop is to wear lighter shade of brown...
. misread
What say you all on the idea of taking in non-function sleeve buttons to a good tailor to make them functioning buttons so as to wear them unbuttoned for that look, you know what I am talking about look. ?
It's a matter of preference, despite everything you read on here and elsewhere, there is no right length, within reason. I have "party" suits with shorter jacket compared to my "conservative" suits.Factors such as age, height, and build will dictate the "right" length for you.
There are threads elsewhere on style internets, and none here so here it is:Brooks Brothers spring new arrivals includes OCBDs touting:No one is sure if these are unlined, and since it isn't explicitly stated, perhaps safe to assume just softer lining ?There is a price increase (140), with many on style internet complaining, but we all know everyone is now conditioned to wait for that super sale and get them 30-40% off...Will you and anyone now achieve a roll like this???
How water resistant are those london fog raincoats...?
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