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Two questions. One: What do you believe are the rules of fit for sunglasses? i.e. Dress shirts should fall exactly at the shoulder to be a proper fit. What rules apply for sunglasses? Two: Do you know any other models that are similar to the Mosley Tribe Lyndels? I love the edgy angles on this pair of sunglasses, but these are a bit tight on my face.
Does anyone know what the name of this style of frames is called? I like the unique shape where the nose would go, and how the lenses are very circular.
My girlfriend recently bought me a nice pair of black loafers from Florsheim. Only problem is that they run slightly big. She got them for a fraction of the price and therefore can't return them. Any advice on what I can do to make them fit better? I'm looking into getting new in-soles.. but I'm guessing that the standard Dr. Scholl's variety would not work?
Cool. Yeah, I've been researching credit cards since I recently got my first full-time job out of college. Think I'll be going with the Chase Freedom Rewards program. $200 cash back and no annual fees and a decent cash back %.
HomerJ, where did you find these offers? I checked the websites for both cards and the rewards advertised are slightly different to what you said they were. Maybe they changed it after many people jumped on it?
Chase Freedom Rewards gives $200 cashback if you spend $500 within 3 months.
Shopping around for health insurance coverage for my 55 year old mother and father in the NYC area (long island). Just curious to see which programs that users who are knowledgeable on the topic would recommend. Affordability is obviously a factor, but I can't really be more specific on the topic, as I don't know much about it at all.
anyone with Gap 1969 jeans ever bought them and not washed them?
Right, but I'm confused as to why its telling me to wash the jeans before I even wear them
Sorry, it actually says I should wash them in cold water before my first wear to "prevent fading"
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