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Probably a better idea to save yourself $300 and research TOJ if you want another leather jacket. They go for around $700ish. I've always disliked snap buttons on leather jackets. Makes no sense and "dates" the jacket immediately.
People just prefer not reading disrespectful posts aimed at members who contribute content. However, if you feel the need to berate people.. by all means, practice posting things you wouldn't have the confidence to say in person. For a tranny, you're wayy too angry.
I usually don't comment. But boy what a scumbag thing to say Brad-t..
Do you happen to have the pants to go with this jacket?
I've got a closet full of XS clothing. Jcrew button downs, suits, w/e you name it. I've accumulated quite a bit of a collection.. If you're looking for jcrew button downs, let me know.
Are these the "Live!" slim fit line? If they are, i'm definitely interested.
Received the package. Thanks for prompt delivery, will order again.
Agreed, the judge serves a public office. It is her duty to uphold current laws regardless of how she personally feels about them.
OP needs to focus his efforts on a 401k and IRA strategy. Employer matches and pre-tax contributions juice your savings rate by quite a bit. After my first 1.5 years of working I was able to save a net amount of 60k. 40% of that amount was from 401k matches, Profit sharing plans and pre-tax contributions. But I also didnt go to strip clubs or have a nice car.. Sometimes you gotta just pay for happiness.
New Posts  All Forums: