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Fake John Lobb shoes is it now. Think this is the first time I seen them.
I'm a teacher as well, middle school, in my position can wear very much anything I like, including hoodies and jeans. ...in fact if I were to wear a jacket and tie, let alone a suit, they'd probably think..."Where's the wedding?"....sometimes put a blazer* on though."navy blue tailored jacket with metal buttons.
My favourite because some of this shit is so close to home: http://www.styleforum.net/t/320419/ufos-unidentified-fashion-objects-the-fake-phoney-and-just-plain-funny
City of Zadar....I had to look that one up. Croatia, where they apparently test the jeans with goats.
Where exactly is Lake Plaoid?
Should be banned for selling Moncler...IMO. Can't stand the stuff.
For the OP....Yahoo answers. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080822121404AAnGxq6 I don't understand this thread. I've never had them. Probably an American thing.
^^^^^ "The only maker of REAL pinball games on the planet!" So there's just one left. Stern was a big name in video coin-op games as well. I'm thinking that many under 20, i.e. generation Ys, millennials, or whatever we call them, might never have seen a pinball machine for real. I grew up with them, a large part of my youth. I've not seen or played one in probably ten years, although that's probably to do with my location as well these days...LOL. I have pinball apps on...
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