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AFAIK that's not suspcicious, Givenchy happens to be very popular in China, and not everyone here can read English or French. The phone number looks like a French area code and number.
I wear Sperrys sometimes. They're OK quite comfortable, price is reasonable for what they are.. I don't have a boat though.
Send your measurements and payment off to some website and hope for the best?
Is one of the trolls and shills called Harry?
Presumably the apparel will be a bit more original than just CafePress t-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps?
LOL +100
Because it's only words on a screen, could be a child typing it for all I know. Someone annoys me in a pub, or any real life face-to-face situation. I might wanna punch their lights in. Does anyone take YouTube comments seriously? Yes I do value it much less..
That could have been my middle school when I left...1980. LOL ...if you're black or asian, do not come here.
Ah sorry I don't know so much about large desktop rigs. I know more about what making whatever Lenovo laptop you got into running OS X, preferably Thinkpads. ... I've yet to come across USB 3, drives and things.
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