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Here's another RL photoshopped problem. Her head is far too big for that body.
I love looking at Photoshop shit, and the things that you can find. Of course you're going to play the guitar well when you're blessed with six fingers....awesome! China.. yeh lots of unatural looking pics, especially clothing ads with models. or sometimes I have seen on Taobao where it's clothing that's obviously on mannequins for the shoot, but they've photoshopped human heads onto them. EDIT Which Ralph Lauren polo shirt doesn't actually exist in the shoot, the blue...
Of course a Photoshop session, is much cheaper than doing another photo shoot with different models. On the photoshopped one, can see the illumination is different on his head, it's from the side instead of the front. Another thing I've just noticed, he appears to have a white Apple Macbook laptop, the same one I've got here, and they've removed the Apple logo with it being a Microsoft ad.
I believe MS swapped the heads because they originally didn't want to show a black man in a business setting for their ads in Poland, but OK for the US.
Yeh, they don't look particularly natural. Even Microsoft photoshops heads about.
LV monogram on human skin, brilliant design!
Where can you get the spiked slip-ons from? Those are awesome.
OK I seen your two fit pics, the ones from a recent "Friday Challenge" black suits or ties.Think you might have to go a long way to convince me you're as genuine as Hermes Man about If anyone hasn't seen it, Hermes Man's blog is awesome.
Popped collars and fuckin' Ralph Lauren... yeh, that's douchbags.
Oh I'm quite sure Hermes Man is genuine, ever seen his blog or Instagram? Thrift Vader not so sure, could be a troll or a sock.
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