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Where can you get the spiked slip-ons from? Those are awesome.
OK I seen your two fit pics, the ones from a recent "Friday Challenge"...no black suits or ties.Think you might have to go a long way to convince me you're as genuine as Hermes Man about this....www.sohighfashion.blogspot.com If anyone hasn't seen it, Hermes Man's blog is awesome.
Popped collars and fuckin' Ralph Lauren... yeh, that's douchbags.
Oh I'm quite sure Hermes Man is genuine, ever seen his blog or Instagram? Thrift Vader not so sure, could be a troll or a sock.
This is a business setting, they look the part, and it's not Japan, Korea or Malaysia.
Think it's called stupid cuff style.
That picture...that's menacing!I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.
Black suit and a black tie, definitely says you might going to a funeral, or maybe you're an MIB.
Don't know if you already knew this about them, but Ryanair charges you extras for just about everything, meals, coffee, checked baggage, etc. Even 15 euro for your boarding pass, if you don't print it yourself or get it at the time of booking. The was even a rumour going round that Ryanair was going to put credit card readers on toilet doors on their planes.
Something else to be aware of with Ryanair cabin baggage allowances, it's 10KG maximum as well. As for any particular bags, I don't know, I had a smallish backpack last time I flew with them to Ireland.
New Posts  All Forums: