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As it's a picture from a website, Google Goggles might recognise it.
I don't know either of those brands, but I wasn't into sweaters much. Are garish sweaters from the '90s worth anything much now?BTW has "BERUBRRY" ever sold in the $300-$400?
A new member to the "Dolce &" group of fashion houses, this time from Ilatia The ever so popular Dnuhill of London.
From the Versaoe, "Eeude Tollette" spring/summer 2014 humen colltion.
I just seen it, the whole ad is a nightmare, not going to be able to sleep now.
Think you might want to get on a train to Hong Kong mate. The fact is most mainland tailors are catering to the nouveau riche, and if it's a tailor at Sofitel, it's going to be fucking expensive. That's why they're charging 1,400 yuan for a shirt, concessions have to pay very high rents to get into places like Sofitel and Hyatt, while the apparel itself is made for you in a sweatshop.
The tailor's preference is probably no buttonholes,1) It's less work for them.2) You go back to them, saying I want the sleeves shortening or lengthening. Because it's much easier to alter sleeve length from the bottom than at the top.
The one I had was a safari jacket from Hodges, circa 1978.it's just that seeing "Trevira" mentioned in this thread brought back memories. The brand is still around, but it looks like it's mainly used for car upholstery these days, PET fibre, it's hard wearing and still looks good. trevira.com
Did you specify working buttons when you bought the suit? If no, then don't assume anything. Button holes in the cuffs can make it much harder to have the sleeve length altered if required. No one is going to notice anyway.
I'm not. But then I'm not doing warez or anything like that. Think the main threats for OS X come from downloading and installing pirated software, There was a hacked version of iWork that had a malicious payload. OS X itself has a certain level of malware protection....http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4651 for my uses I don't think I need any more.
New Posts  All Forums: