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Don't know if you already knew this about them, but Ryanair charges you extras for just about everything, meals, coffee, checked baggage, etc. Even 15 euro for your boarding pass, if you don't print it yourself or get it at the time of booking. The was even a rumour going round that Ryanair was going to put credit card readers on toilet doors on their planes.
Something else to be aware of with Ryanair cabin baggage allowances, it's 10KG maximum as well. As for any particular bags, I don't know, I had a smallish backpack last time I flew with them to Ireland.
Why do these two dudes look like they might be up to no good, or perhaps part of a VIP close-protection squad. From their looks I'd assume they're packing heat or highly trained in martial arts, and mean "business".
^^^^^ LOL!
Who's funeral were they attending?
Wouldn't surprise me if MiSanDao countered them as a major influence. Would never have happened during the Cultural Revolution, that's for sure.
A student put me onto it this morning, must have thought "Teacher will like this, he's from the UK" Frankly the only thing Oi! that I really liked is Sham 69.
Found this one this morning...amused me somewhat. http://www.xiami.com/album/346075?spm=a1z1s.3521865.23309997.3.1ggdH4 ...don't bother, it's fucking awful
How did I ever live without Transmission BitTorrent on the Mac? I often stream music as well, but can only do it at home or office on WiFi, so I do download and store music on the phone, like for when travelling. Streaming over 4G could be prohibitively expensive, unless one has a truly unlimited wireless data plan. Also good luck if trying to listen to on-line streaming music on a plane.
Now if styleforvm was around back some 40 years ago, probably the age of it, likely everyone in CM would now be going gaga and drooling all over it.
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