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When the old one dies or ceases to be useful basically. I'm using a 2008 Macbook with Snow Leopard, Expanded the RAM to its maximum, 4GB and put a larger HDD in it.
That's what I do these days, using a PC or smart-phone. I like listening to music, but don't really have the time, space or disposable income to invest in a proper system, Nice thing about streaming is, have access to one hell of a music library.
1. Heilan Home 2. Edenbo 3. George at Asda 4. Joe One 5. Mongol 9 6. Alt Fine Ism 7. Peace Bird 8. Meters/bonwe 9. Kiss Fish 10. Jodoll runner up: Frognie Zila ...haven't got any of their stuff, but the name always makes me laugh.
Ooh, fit me Amadeus.
Misspelled FCUK knock-off.
It's a high street brand, see them everywhere, just like Zara, H&M, Topman, Gap, River Island, etc, Nothing exclusive or special here. So stuff probably is sourced from China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Portugal, Romania, etc, anywhere but UK.
I'm a fan of 404 Not Found as well, really gets me going for the day.
I find it's rather elegant that I can make phone calls with my watch, rather than thumbing around in my pockets for the thing.Had a watch once when I was a kid, but then I had severe chronophobia and not worn one since, up until now.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
So you're all still waiting for your jackets for more than a year or two, while this dude is off running a bar and restaurant....OK!
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