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Wow!... two years waiting for jackets! Are they worth it?
Do they fake Belstaff? When I used to ride a motorbike and wore a Belstaff, never even thought of it. But then they'll probably counterfeit anything these days.
When I visited Moscow briefly during the Autumn, I noticed that some western lux. high ticket items were priced in Euros, and anyone buys would exchange Rubles to Euros at the prevailing exchange rate.
You might want to try asking over in SW&D, this is CM.
Yeh, Silvio Berlusconi...Cosa Nostra...
Amazon vendors, and Ebay vendors. Quite possibly they're fake. Many of the reviewers are saying the quality is shit and they fall apart. And if they're anything like the one I bought for equivalent of $6 a few months ago, it's not actually leather, it's cardboard...LOL ...which is very likely why it's peeling on you.
Looks exactly like the one on TaoBao as well. You do spell the brand with three "C"s don't you?Much of the time doesn't really matter if it's real or fake, as long as it's covered in branding, no one really cares. It's not like the above knock-off Armanis, which could be anything, everyone around you can see you're wearing Gucci.
Ariston? They make domestic appliances don't they, washing machines, dish washers, things like that.
Did you buy that from China, Cambodia, Vietnam or something? It looks like something that might have come from there.
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