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Looks more like "MADEIN LONDON" on the coat... LOL If you bought the shirt from the same vendor as the coat, stands to reason it could very well be phoney as well. Burberry along with LV, is a favourite for rampant widespread counterfeiting. Only way to be really sure what you've got is legit, is to buy from their own boutiques and authorized concessions. I bought some "Burberry Brit" denim shorts locally once, had tags and everything, well Burberry doesn't make denim...
^^^^ I don't think they'd put "Made in Sri Lanka" on a deliberately made knock-off. But it could be a second or reject from a outsource sweatshop that contracts to RL.RL has very high QC standards for their products, but not everything a contractor makes will pass final inspection. They're supposed to destroy any QC rejects, but often they don't. They sell them out the back-door instead, and end-up on Ebay, apparel wholesalers, etc.
Went to a comprehensive school that used to be a secondary modern. I wore something that somewhat resembled this. BBC, Grange Hill, circa 1979. Horrible polyester or something blazer that was often passed down from older brother or sister, school tie and badge, white school shirt, cheap school pants, Clarks sensible shoes. Think most of it came from British Home Stores or Littlewoods. Blazer used to be compulsory but later became optional, most boys then wore Harrington...
The spelling is correct, so no problems there.
Need pictures.
No one really cares. The spelling on the print and tags are OK, so you're good to go.
There's actually people still hoping to get something good out of this fraud? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor%27s_New_Clothes
Chinese dry cleaning ticket. Is that where it came from, China? "Burberrys" not "Burberry" which means it's either genuinely old or it is knock-off.
Anyone see that Oppo launched a new phone last week at a high profile keynote... And I treated myself a new BT headset this week...
Frankly, OnePlus is an Android that's intended for experimenting with, rooting, custom ROMs, hacking and making it "your own". iPhone is like the almost complete opposite, you either have it Apple's way and live in their ecosystem, or you don't have an iPhone...period! Can't even buy OnePlus One from a carrier in North America, have to import it from Hong Kong,
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