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I just found this app on Google Play, can't get it to work though. Looks like it's not been updated in over three years, abandoned?
Hawick is the name of the town where some cashmere knitwear companies are based. Don't think that's going to be faked. Does it feel like cashmere? Should be OK then. Famous brands like Pringle or Lyle & Scott are much likely to be faked.
You mean the parts about working 14 hours a day, sleeping in the factory, squalid conditions, improper or no documentation, evading taxes, smuggling, criminal gangs, etc. Yeh that sounds very much the same as where I am. Myself, I don't work under those conditions, but many do.I just don't buy stuff from big name designer brands, period.
Whether stuff is made in Guangzhou or Prato, doesn't make much difference really?
^^^^ Excess production, seconds or rejects from the factory possibly. I've seen a lot of PRL like that, always good quality, sometimes tags and labels removed or defaced though, which is what can happen with seconds. Bought a job lot of RL polo shirts like that last summer in Shenzhen. The contractor that makes them for RL are supposed to destroy anything that fails to meet specs, but they don't usually. So they might end up on Ebay or whatever. Sometimes they'll go on...
Not quite a fashion object, but fucked up non the less... Merry Christmas "EVOL"..
Current fashion isn't it? Most RTW suits and other tailored apparel seems to be short and skinny at the moment.
Yeh £20, it's a nice looking watch, go for it...assuming it works.
Does anyone like or buy Chrome Hearts in SW&D?BTW does anyone here like Hollister or Ed Hardy?
Just go to the night market, you get very good price on Chrome Hearts.
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