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The Russian MP3 sites still around then? About 10 years ago I was one of probably one of AllOfMP3s favourite customers. ... but that was when the iTunes Store etc. were United States only and had DRM(Digital Restrictions Management) on the music. Mind you I get music for free now, and legal. ...I suppose they can do it, because the RIAA has no jurisdiction in Russia or China.
Yeh knock-off isn't it? 50RMB J Crew shirts. I know TaoBao, friend of mine ordered some "discounted" Levi 501s....what arrived would belong in this thread...http://www.styleforum.net/t/320419/ufos-unidentified-fashion-objects-the-fake-phoney-and-just-plain-funny
As you a laowai? Wear what you like. Unless the job requires formal or other dress code. You're an ESL teacher, so that's basically what the school requires, Some schools require full monty suit, shirt and tie, others don't care. My school is basically no shorts or flip-flops in the classrooms.Shoes can be a problem if you take larger than 45. If you have large feet, could mean expensive imports, which are made in China anyway. Also if you're on the tall side, lengths are...
PS by htimS luaP
OK...and there's someone driving around Gaungzhou at your expense probably.
All the music on that site is showing as "This product is not currently available due to region restrictions." ...when is it available? "region restrictions"? I thought that only applied to movies?
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
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