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That's what I might do actually, it's the internal storage I really need. Don't really want to start carting around and plugging in an external HDD all the time. SSD is much faster than a HDD, but it's the volume rather than speed that's more useful to me. BTW nice to see people with their new Apple Watches.
Once upon a time rock and roll ruled the world, and it was shit to my granddad, "The early 1960s was when music in general took a shit."...is what he would have said See also British Broadcasting Corporation and Lord Reith.BTW Patrick, China is still OK, and I'm still here.
It's like it's possessed by something. As long this Mac doesn't start spewing pea soup at me! It's intermittent typing something, and suddenly the cursor starts jumping around, goes to a random place, selects all text, does a delete, etc. It's not proximity of the trackpad to my wrists doing it, already checked that. I'm thinking of another Macbook, but it seems they've all gone to SSD storage and only 128GB as standard, unless paying a premium for 256GB or 512GB. I...
Well I don't have a car and I don't live in New York City, so that one was easy....next question.
Knock-off, factory second and reject Polo Ralph Lauren pique polo shirts
I still come in from time to time Patrick. I'm more active on tech orientated forums these days, the ones about Android devices in particular.
I may actually have to replace the Macbook because the keyboard has just started to act strangely, like randomly putting letters in, selecting and deleting text by itself, when hands are in close proximity of it. It's not bad for a laptop, it's seven years old, the original Apple battery is still holding up. It was the cheapest Macbook at the time, white plastic, core 2 duo 2.1 GHz, 1GB RAM, 120GB HDD originally. It was my father's originally, and he gave it to me two...
When the old one dies or ceases to be useful basically. I'm using a 2008 Macbook with Snow Leopard, Expanded the RAM to its maximum, 4GB and put a larger HDD in it.
New Posts  All Forums: