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So you ordered a seersucker suit for a wedding based on a CGI rendering....OK Playing with that site makes an interesting diversion for a few minutes... Very spiffing!
The RRL jeans, could possibly be factory seconds or rejects from the sweatshop, stuff like that sometimes ends up on Ebay from the wholesalers. Maybe the seem or the cutting was not quite up to RL QC standards. The tags weren't cut or marked with a sharpie were they? Which usually indicates they are real, but are production reject. I think the Polo RL suit is OK, don't think there's anyone knocking off them, not with "Made in Portugal" anyway, and the tags look OK. Polo...
Interchangeable magnetic strong are the magnets, i.e. how firmly are the covers held in place and are you likely to lose them during your daily work activities? Think this is a product without a definite market, which is often the way with so many Kickstarter things, and would anyone here on SF actually consider buying this? Thinking of things like the ShurtClip...LOL
"Does Moncler make t-shirts?"....says he in his Burberry denim shorts.
The second pair; what the hell have you got in your right front pocket, a large smart-phone and bulging wallet or something? ...and if they're too tight when you sit, there's a danger you might hear an embarrassing ripping sound one day...and split pants is never good.
Just looks like an ordinary collar on a white shirt to me, it's not a spread or button-down, or anything fancy. I'm just saying it could be Brooks, they claimed to have dressed 39 out of 44 presidents, including Obama. Suit and tie might be Brooks as well, don't think there's anything particularly distinctive to actually identify a brand here, which is really what a president wants I think.
Might depend on the mood the check-in clerk is in or how hurried they are. It's probably 7 years since I last travelled with Ryanair. But I've had my cabin baggage spot-checked sometimes with other airlines. They have a certain sized basket, and if it doesn't fit in the basket, it's too big, plus they have weighed it as well. Sure they want to clear check-in lines as quickly as possible, I think If you look like you're struggling with it or it appears excessively bulky,...
Brooks Brothers probably, two centuries of being presidential outfitters.
The other Putin pics, Is he wearing black or is it again just crappy pictures and it's actually dark grey? Is a black suit common business attire in Russia, like it is in Japan or Korea.
Are we sure that Obama is actually wearing a black suit in these pictures, and not dark navy or dark grey? The bottom two photos especially, there's far too much contrast and saturation, and any detail for dark areas is lost, can't see anything at all, like the lapels, buttons and pockets, it's just a black area.
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