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I think you need a new suit mate.
A Partridge Family Christmas Card....this is great.
It's all the rage at the moment here in Inner Mongolia. They call it "Korean Styles" ...LOL!What goes around, comes around, again and again, in various parts of the world.
I spent a year working in that area in 2002. As someone originally from Southport, and sometime in Bristol, yes...very different.
Just relax and wear it in good health. ... OK you bought a licensed version from South America.
ROFL!I've seen that look on the streets of Beijing and Tianjin.
Patronized by the average BMW driving new money Beijinger no doubt. Did you buy anything from him Chris? I had a friend here who knew what Edward Green was and wore them, except he's now serving a 20 year sentence for corruption.
Locally licensed and produced version I think, for Peru and South America. Devanlay are a Lacoste brand licensor AFAIK.
So you ordered a seersucker suit for a wedding based on a CGI rendering....OK Playing with that site makes an interesting diversion for a few minutes... Very spiffing!
The RRL jeans, could possibly be factory seconds or rejects from the sweatshop, stuff like that sometimes ends up on Ebay from the wholesalers. Maybe the seem or the cutting was not quite up to RL QC standards. The tags weren't cut or marked with a sharpie were they? Which usually indicates they are real, but are production reject. I think the Polo RL suit is OK, don't think there's anyone knocking off them, not with "Made in Portugal" anyway, and the tags look OK. Polo...
New Posts  All Forums: