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For the drama.
Why does this look like some of the "Korean" stuff that's for sale locally.
Ties to me means uniform. From when I used to do a security job. Notice how all policemen and prison officers wear ties.
I've not seen cufflinks in a long time, in fact I wouldn't even know where one would even buy the things, except maybe Ebay.
It's nice to stay in touch with what's happening in the UK. BTW I'm in Bristol for 3 weeks in June. Courtesy of Aeroflot. Heathrow (LHR) so no M25, just M4 to deal with.
They might be deceased mate. It was likely some small family business. The suit itself was probably made in a factory in Leeds or Bradford. These days the small town tailors don't exist, and the suits are made in China.
Most of the country is outside of the M25 as well, isn't it?
Here we go again. Nautica calls it a blazer.
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