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That could have been my middle school when I left...1980. LOL ...if you're black or asian, do not come here.
Ah sorry I don't know so much about large desktop rigs. I know more about what making whatever Lenovo laptop you got into running OS X, preferably Thinkpads. ... I've yet to come across USB 3, drives and things.
You don't pay for a Hackintosh. Probably cheaper to the Apple Store and buy a Mac.Hackintosh is DIY, That's what I do.
What's with all the agro on this threak? Just buy a Lenovo and be done with it.
These on-line suits are coming from Bulgaria rather than the usual China. I guess it's the same, send off your payment and hope for the best.
Is this yet another send us your measurements and money, then cross your fingers and hope for the best job?They all seem to be like that now, the current trend, short and skinny. Doesn't suit me, so I wouldn't wear them.
Wish I could find me a wife that would buy me a gold Rolex.
For the tantrums.
Yup that's what I do....
New Posts  All Forums: