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Shacket, a portmanteau of shirt and jacket
Where are you, "Central California", USA? I know for sure, wearing or showing a union jack can certainly have different cultural meanings all depending on where you are in the world. It certainly doesn't mean an "act of nationalism" in China, that's for sure.... LOLWearing a Confederate flag in some parts of the US is not recommended and may get you into trouble.It's like any kind of symbolism, some might be culturally sensitive, all depending on history a lot of the time....
That name puts me in mind of things like "Happy Days". Although varsity type jackets and other "50s Americana" items seem to be very trendy now, here at least.
I'm almost certain there was supporters t-shirts, patches, lapel buttons, made with that design on them along with the words "BRISTOL BULLDOGS" Sure it was clear to most Bristolians, what it meant at the time.I spend most of my time in China now, and a British bulldog with Union Jack design would probably sell very well here and not be objectionable to anyone. The Union Jack frequently features on clothing in the PRC ..."Cool Britannia" still lives on in the People's...
Used to see some bulldog and Union Jack stuff around Bristol in about 78, 79. Not British nationalism or any shit like that, was the name of the local, very short lived speedway team. Two seasons at Eastville Stadium. Had to end, because they didn't have permanent planning permission for speedway apparently.
Like this... Probably a costume item that was specially made, like the suit and shirt.
I wonder what Korean jails are like.
Think that's about right, I'm not interested in the affiliate stuff as I'm not in the US, That really happened after SF became part of Huddler. Nor am I interested in $2000 shoe appreciation threads, running to over 100,000 posts. I'm interested in two threads about knock-offs and fakes, the long running "ToJ" debacle in SW&D, and the occasional outbreaks of drama and flame wars.
Looks more like "MADEIN LONDON" on the coat... LOL If you bought the shirt from the same vendor as the coat, stands to reason it could very well be phoney as well. Burberry along with LV, is a favourite for rampant widespread counterfeiting. Only way to be really sure what you've got is legit, is to buy from their own boutiques and authorized concessions. I bought some "Burberry Brit" denim shorts locally once, had tags and everything, well Burberry doesn't make denim...
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