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Didn't think it was mold, looks more like some sort of chemical stain. I originally thought it might be ferric chloride, because it looks very much like a shirt I ruined once while etching printed circuit boards. Any household chemicals you keep around the place might have got near the laundry, things like polish, disinfectant, cosmetics, medicine, etc. Have you tried laundering them at all? Don't know exactly what to suggest, try cold first, then warm. If they're white...
That's just incredible! "I'm not crazy. My friends are crazy" Not as if the lavish spending spree was any secret was it."I live in hotels, tear out the walls" - Joe Walsh
Benzoil peroxide possibly. http://www.apparelsearch.com/education/ohio_state_clothing_education/stain_removal/how_identify_stains_prevent_stains.htm "Odd colored or rusty looking stains on collars, sheets and pillow cases, bedspreads, towels, or wash cloths: These stains are often caused by the benzoil peroxide used in cosmetic products (including acne medicine). This chemical acts as a bleach, is very insoluble and hard to rinse off the body. It can permanently change...
Mutually incompatible I think. And personal electronics is the one thing to avoid, if you can. Want to stay dignified and stylish, don't travel by air...period.
Is that what he did....used the money to buy BMWs? ...and the restaurant of course.Stay tuned, find out what happens next!
So this might be the final chapter. Possibly the scoundrel may have fled, disconnected his phone etc, ToJ was an unrecoverable mess basically, and the restaurant partners wanted no part of it. Who knows, the FBI or IRS may want to have words if he ever set foot on US soil again.
Why, Grandma, what a big Iphone you have!!Fuck sake, going to have nightmares now.
Stuff it with scrunched-up newspaper? ...that's what they do in the shops.
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