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The dot matrix printer printed tag looks about right for high-end Italian tailored garment. Sure that's the sort of detail they don't usually counterfeit. I'd say it's OK.
I'm pretty sure that's real. "VIP Sample" along with a return address and phone number on a sewn-in tag, and anyway "BURBERRY PRORSUM" is spelled correctly here. Presumably this was something they kept for showing to their baller VIP by appointment customers.
Yeh, one pocket is higher than the other. If that had been Ralph Lauren or something, likely would have been reject. And the chipped popper buttons as well on a new item, the QC must be rather poor.
Once this clusterfuck ends, one way or the other. That will be the end of "ToJ" very likely.
I don't usually dine in expensive restaurants that have Peking duck on the menu. The fish was awesome, but didn't think to take a photo. Most of the other meat dishes I've posted are Mongolian, like cleaved sheep skull and vertebrae.
Supposedly discounted new LV belts on Ebay, I'd just assume they're knock-off. Same with Hermès "H" belts, etc.
Looks like some sort of black pudding or blood sausage or "blutwurst".
Peking duck
FWIW I've never actually heard of this brand, and certainly never seen them in China.
Yup, they sell Giorgio Armani as well, and Hermès, Versace, Valentino, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Dior, etc. etc.
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