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So TOJ is finally dead, long live TOJ! ..Luxire is next to crash?Try Zara or H&M or something, they do reasonable varsities. At least you won't be waiting two years and spending $2000 on an order.
Frankly I gave up worrying about where the gorge is positioned, low or high...or how wide the bloody thing is.Yeh..five years of being on Style Forum Still don't care for skinny narrow though.
OT:Oh a Blackberry, not seen one of them in a few years. Had a company issued one about 8 years ago, not for personal use though.
I'm just getting a message... "Sorry! Something went wrong" along with the Soundcloud logo. I'll try again later.You can definitely embed Youtube on here, not sure about anything else.
I buy mine at Dragon City or Ming Sheng.
My brown belt that get's most attention is my Hermès, the one with the big "H" buckle.
I think you need a new suit mate.
A Partridge Family Christmas Card....this is great.
It's all the rage at the moment here in Inner Mongolia. They call it "Korean Styles" ...LOL!What goes around, comes around, again and again, in various parts of the world.
I spent a year working in that area in 2002. As someone originally from Southport, and sometime in Bristol, yes...very different.
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