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I don't have a phone or a pocket-watch, so I wear a wrist-watch.
l@@k, vint@ge, r@re
for the drama.
Door-to-door limo. Uber Lyft
^^^^^^ Meh!! Needs more LEDs!!
My neighbour.....needs more mirrors though....although perhaps it's more "Tron" than "Quadrophenia"?
Aren't Burberry trench coats supposed to be lined with their trademark novacheck pattern? Don't know what that check is, never seen it before, certainly not on a Burberry coat.
Yeh, except it's too big.
LOL! Hey, poor dude has been waiting two years for that jacket. Yeh, just pop down your local Zara, H&M or Gap or whatever.
I've actually seen two so far in the wild, worn by graduate students. But then I'm a bit of a geek and so do look out for them sometimes. It actually looks quite smart IMO, not too techy, and definitely better than the huge hockey puck like watches that some people wear.
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