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I imagine "technology" or "IT" wear is something like this.... Or South Park, Star Wars, Death Metal bands, Warhammer, etc. A blazer might be overdressed. LOL.
Consumer Credit Act 1974. I Don't believe it specifies any time period from between date of payment and non-delivery of paid for goods. If you paid by credit card you're OK, paid by debit card, the CCA doesn't apply. Not sure if the US has a similar consumer credit protection law, something federal or state.
Of course it is...maximum profits for the hotel. That's wedding banquets.
Was it actually "The Damned" or just Dave Vanian and a few anonymous session musicians? Was Raymond Burns(Captain Sensible) etc there? I'm often suspicious of artists when they're in their 50s, 60s and 70s bringing back a former name. Thinking of things like Spinal Tap,
Oh...we're onto debt collectors now, going after family members. Do you think Hollywood will make a movie of this one day? One thing this thread has reinforced for me, don't buy your clothes imported on-line, and especially via forums. Stick to boutiques, tailors and department stores, it's much safer. What gets me about this whole ToJ shenanigans, it's only casual jackets, things like varsity jackets, biker jackets, and MA1 lookalikes. Some of us see that the emperor...
I got no idea what that is....need pictures. ...well I know what a glass of red wine looks like.
I think TSA pre-check is OK if you're just flying in the US. Flying internationally.....good luck!!
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