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They might be deceased mate. It was likely some small family business. The suit itself was probably made in a factory in Leeds or Bradford. These days the small town tailors don't exist, and the suits are made in China.
Most of the country is outside of the M25 as well, isn't it?
Here we go again. Nautica calls it a blazer.
As it's a picture from a website, Google Goggles might recognise it.
I don't know either of those brands, but I wasn't into sweaters much. Are garish sweaters from the '90s worth anything much now?BTW has "BERUBRRY" ever sold in the $300-$400?
A new member to the "Dolce &" group of fashion houses, this time from Ilatia The ever so popular Dnuhill of London.
From the Versaoe, "Eeude Tollette" spring/summer 2014 humen colltion.
I just seen it, the whole ad is a nightmare, not going to be able to sleep now.
New Posts  All Forums: