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Looks exactly like the one on TaoBao as well. You do spell the brand with three "C"s don't you?Much of the time doesn't really matter if it's real or fake, as long as it's covered in branding, no one really cares. It's not like the above knock-off Armanis, which could be anything, everyone around you can see you're wearing Gucci.
Ariston? They make domestic appliances don't they, washing machines, dish washers, things like that.
Did you buy that from China, Cambodia, Vietnam or something? It looks like something that might have come from there.
Don't worry, I see this shit all the time, I'm in China.I've seen that coat loads of times, but first time I've seen it described as "Armani" though. Don't bother, the quality is absolute crap, falls apart after a couple of outings.
I like the word "orphanated", it sounds more technical.
I often see people doing that, don't do it myself, usually use a key if there's no bottle opener. Find a cap that's bit tight, and could end-up ripping your teeth out....not good.
It might say "Emporio" but that's not Emporio Armani, it's something generic I think, that's why there's no eagle. Certainly not an Armani logo, I've never seen anything like that. "Emporio Fashion" sounds like it could be a supermarket or department store house brand or something. "Abbigliamento" means clothing or apparel. Armani are not the only company using the word "emporio", it means shop or emporium in Italian. Another one is "Emporio Moda" which I've seen...
New Posts  All Forums: