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Yes buy.
I've never got anything from a mainland tailor, and the only one's I've really noticed were in Sanlitun, Beijing, in the clothing market, with names like Sally Tailor or Lisa Tailor. There's been some discussion here on SF about mainland tailors though, think the overall opinion was...avoid them....there's a lot of knock-off cloth...and anything genuine they charge one hell of a premium for it. We have local tailors here in Inner Mongolia, but they mainly do the...
OK I won't do it on SF....promise. ...however I bet almost everyone else around you calls you "laowai". You're not Han are you, or Xi'an has some exception? FYI "laowai" is not necessarily derogatory, most of the time it's just an informal way of saying "foreigner"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaowaiOT: BTW this is a go to site for me...has a lot of useful expat stuff.http://www.lostlaowai.com/
Depending on where you are and what you do, think you can be a peacock, because you're going to be looking particularly individual anyway, by the fact you're not Han Chinese....you're a laowai. That's what I've found. They may even know what seersucker is, might have seen it in American movies, and Brooks Brothers do operate in China. However Chinese businessmen are usually dressed very conservatively, white shirt, black or very dark pants, black leather shoes, and...
It's not rat, it's Siberian filigree hamster fur.
Does anyone really care what that tool wears?
A smart-watch that's actually got some style, and not just a fugly plastic lump. ...bet you still have to charge the thing everyday though.
I often like using country songs for getting my students to sing in English, really because the lyrics are usually quite simple and easy to understand and follow. Things like John Denver, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Billy Ray Cyrus songs.
The Russian MP3 sites still around then? About 10 years ago I was one of probably one of AllOfMP3s favourite customers. ... but that was when the iTunes Store etc. were United States only and had DRM(Digital Restrictions Management) on the music. Mind you I get music for free now, and legal. ...I suppose they can do it, because the RIAA has no jurisdiction in Russia or China.
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