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^^^^^^$5 USD.$500 USD.
Yes they do, designer brand obsessed school and college students who usually don't have a lot of spending money.This is my somewhat noisy neighbourhood, where one can buy this fine apparel.
Three more spring/summer 2014 items... Another member of the "Dolce &" clan. GK ...Calvin's Italian brother. From Crhitsian Droi's "Disney" line.
Yeh I just carry my PPK, inside pocket.
For the drama.
Why does this look like some of the "Korean" stuff that's for sale locally.
Ties to me means uniform. From when I used to do a security job. Notice how all policemen and prison officers wear ties.
I've not seen cufflinks in a long time, in fact I wouldn't even know where one would even buy the things, except maybe Ebay.
It's nice to stay in touch with what's happening in the UK. BTW I'm in Bristol for 3 weeks in June. Courtesy of Aeroflot. Heathrow (LHR) so no M25, just M4 to deal with.
New Posts  All Forums: