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5, all wool, made and bought locally.
I bought a couple of Ben Sherman shirts the other day, heavily discounted with the tags Xd with marker pen. Likely they're seconds from the factory, as these things often are.
Here is a pair of Louis Vuitton boots I picked up in the supermarket last year. I love the quality and fit of these.
Are you Karl's brother?
OT you'd think the popular media would find something more original and/or recent than still clinging onto a tired 40+ year old cliche by now? Sure there's been more recent and worse Presidential scandals they can use.
Yes, Ebay for parts is the usual place. Things like screens and case parts are very difficult/impossible to trace.
Two years later, Victory Plaza is finished, Frognie Zila is open for business, and I need a couple of new shirts.
I wear my Pebble smart-watch on the left, and my Nike FuelBand on the right.
A paecious item from the late Gianni.
From the late Michael Jackson?
New Posts  All Forums: