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Oysters are useful, especially when one gets gets off the plane at Heathrow.
I don't know, say you want some discount if you think he's too expensive. BTW @reevolving, I miss those "cognitive dissonance" threads you used to start. I liked them.
3D touch is good for piano apps, finally got real touch sensitivity, i.e. harder you hit the note, louder it is, just like the real thing.
It's usually so that you don't have to pay for apps, and jailbreaking iOS can defeat Apple DRM(Digital Restrictions Management) copyright protection on content. Apple, RIAA, MPAA, FBI and other spooks are not happy about it of course.
TOJ disaster aftermath interest and drama.
Yeh, they go quite well with the Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bulgari and Mercedes Benz. ...ssshhhh! just don't tell Xi Jinping.
You never take your phone out of your pocket to actually use it then?Samsung S6 that wasn't pocketed.
This is Style Forum..i.e. "I saw this garment, footwear, etc, in a movie, where can I buy it?" usually in the Classic Menswear section.
They were only a movie costume, made up.BTW I got my electric mod scooter on order from Taobao...going to be all the rage in JInan, got the LEDs and mirrors, everything. Should arrive next week.
New Posts  All Forums: