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That's a rather large mobile phone isn't it?
They could actually be seconds or rejects, bottom of one leg is frayed or scuffed. The sweatshops that make them for Levi's etc, are supposed to destroy anything that's not up to quality, but they often don't and they go out the backdoor and onto Ebay, into discount warehouses and night markets etc.
Ebay L@@K..Vintage..Retro.... If they were really vintage, they wouldn't have "This is a pair of Levi's" and other crap screen printed on them,
Does it matter? All come from the same sweatshops anyway.
I bought a couple of jackets from Yoox about 5 years ago. Returns was no problem I found, provided you don't remove the tags. Sure they're not selling counterfeits, but some of it might be ends of line and out of season stuff. They're a reputable online retailer based in Italy.
I read the OP and it put me in mind of this movie...
I borrowed an iPhone 4S a couple of days ago, I just couldn't get over how tiny it seems now, especially with my large fingers on the keyboard. Normally I use a 5.5inch Oppo Find 7.
I happen to like plaid shirts, and I completely disagree about looking like a picnic table or wearing a table cloth.
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