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I think something like the Apple Watch has a place, it's designed not to look too geeky and to be slim and elegant, unlike many typical smart watches. 99.9% of people probably wouldn't recognize a Patek Philipp or whatever anyway. Yes!http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/article/6568/smart-suit-cheil-industries-develops-suits-control-smartphonesA smart suit to control your smart phone and smart watch.
When did Apple start making hair care products?
Totally agreed. And not necessarily Chinese, 88 is often used for casinos and gambling, considered a lucky number. I'd certainly never heard of it being associated with Hitler. I've heard of 18 being associated with him, first and eighth letter of the alphabet, A H. But that's probably conspiracy tin foil hat crank stuff as well.
I look in on this thread every few days, it just seems crazy, like having to bad mouth the restaurant on Facebook just so hope can get some action done, almost like some bizarre traffic accident, can't help but look.
That's what I might do actually, it's the internal storage I really need. Don't really want to start carting around and plugging in an external HDD all the time. SSD is much faster than a HDD, but it's the volume rather than speed that's more useful to me. BTW nice to see people with their new Apple Watches.
Once upon a time rock and roll ruled the world, and it was shit to my granddad, "The early 1960s was when music in general took a shit."...is what he would have said See also British Broadcasting Corporation and Lord Reith.BTW Patrick, China is still OK, and I'm still here.
It's like it's possessed by something. As long this Mac doesn't start spewing pea soup at me! It's intermittent typing something, and suddenly the cursor starts jumping around, goes to a random place, selects all text, does a delete, etc. It's not proximity of the trackpad to my wrists doing it, already checked that. I'm thinking of another Macbook, but it seems they've all gone to SSD storage and only 128GB as standard, unless paying a premium for 256GB or 512GB. I...
New Posts  All Forums: