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^^^^ It was four years ago, I wonder if the OP is still interested in this particular garment?
I don't know when "Jeans Couture" was introduced, late 1990s I guess, but I know it's a diffusion line, is quite ubiquitous and nothing special AFAIK, like "Emporio Armani". Find it in many department stores as well as Amazon. Ask someone like @spoopoker, he's a Versace expert I think. It's not obviously knock-off to me, looks OK.
It shouldn't do, what player were you using? I play downloaded 720/1080p MKVs on a 2008 white plastic Macbook with 10.6.8 "Snow Leopard" no problems, using VLC, VideoLan Client. I've even played them no problem on a cheap Lenovo Atom powered netbook, and again they haven't lagged or skipped, and they play on my phone as well. I know Quicktime can be crap, never use that.
^^^^ "A norma di legge (According to law) n.883 26/11/1973" ...I don't think that's a date of manufacture. The tags are modern. And anyway the Versace company didn't exist until the late '70s, and "Jeans Couture" is a diffusion line, that stuff is available just about everywhere.
I still have my Blue Peter badge from 1975.
Bon app├ętit!
$17,000 for an Apple watch! I ain't bothering. Hoping to go against Rolex are they?
That's Margaret Thatcher isn't it?
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