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The Guccis definitely.
Are you serious?
Quite popular these days, usually younger guys in their 20s, trendy business setting. Wouldn't wear one myself. As a black-tie tuxido jacket, no, unless you're a movie star at the Oscars.
Yeh, I don't think you'd want to be wearing that inside-out in public, kind of what the f*ck!! I only ever had one MA-1 type jacket in early 80s, a blue one. Pretty sure it had a large tag on the inside saying "LORD ANTHONY, MADE IN HONG KONG"
Neither have I. Think the only time you would, Is if you'd crashed your F14 or something and you need help...LOLBlack MA-1 jackets, always puts me in mind of bouncers outside of nightclubs.
I think I might want to watch Tommy again.
I just downloaded it with bittorrent and watched it this morning. The youth club disco was exactly as I remember.them, 1974, I was 11 at the time. ....yup, it was better than most of the shite on TV, especially here.
That's a woman's jacket isn't it? ...although....why can't I help thinking of this... Number Six.
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