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Look at cotton suits. HTH.
Try Ebay.
I remember something called "Mount Hill Boot Boys" in Bristol about 1973. Which was a reference to Mount Hill Road in Kingswood. I'm sure they were all Rovers supporters.
Yeh mine made the touch-pad unusable as well. Removed the battery completely and it's fine. I sent the battery for recycling and just haven't bothered replacing it, no need here.
I saw one of them at some trader in Jinan, 188 Yuan CNY.
I'm not. still got the eight year old white Macbook on the desk here running as a Transmission bittorrent client and media server, it's without the battery now as that was starting to bulge alarmingly! And my recent 2015 Macbook Air, that gets a heck of a lot of use.
They're probably better than Louis Vuitton of Shanghai. Holy necrobump!
Obviously decimal, so post 1971. I've seen them selling them in Hong Kong. Probably a warehouse full of them or something,
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