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That's quite reasonable, considering Samsung quoted me equivalent of $250 for replacing a busted Galaxy S screen once, and it had to be sent away for a month. So I didn't bother, and bought another phone.
From Wechat moments, but I do know this stylish dude.
I've never used taxi apps on my smart-phone.
Our local supermarket has many such Versace pieces, 80 yuan (CNY) each.
^^^^^ Sure most threaks on SF have been running for six or more years now, and may have been necrobumped many times, many of the OPs long since gone and their questions answered. This is a general question of interest for anyone, it's not something specific to the OP and time or date dependant, like "How does this tux look, I need it for my wedding" posted in 2008 or something.
$17.50 sneakers, but multiply the retail price by ten because they have "BOSS" written on them.
You need a VPN.
I imagine "technology" or "IT" wear is something like this.... Or South Park, Star Wars, Death Metal bands, Warhammer, etc. A blazer might be overdressed. LOL.
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