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Misspelled FCUK knock-off.
It's a high street brand, see them everywhere, just like Zara, H&M, Topman, Gap, River Island, etc, Nothing exclusive or special here. So stuff probably is sourced from China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Portugal, Romania, etc, anywhere but UK.
OT: That's what happens when trying to sell tat for exorbitant prices...Just surprises me they actually lasted this long into the 21st century. UK Radio Shack (Tandy) closed in the late '90s. Probably not going to be in a position to drop a four or five figure sum on blingy watches.
I'm a fan of 404 Not Found as well, really gets me going for the day.
I find it's rather elegant that I can make phone calls with my watch, rather than thumbing around in my pockets for the thing.Had a watch once when I was a kid, but then I had severe chronophobia and not worn one since, up until now.
"I was at radio shack yesterday and the guy working there commented on my watch"
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
So you're all still waiting for your jackets for more than a year or two, while this dude is off running a bar and restaurant....OK!
Chris, what's your WeChat or QQ ID?
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