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Yeh...the smart-watch, e.g. Apple Watch
Neckties, pocket squares, tailored suits, leather dress shoes, might be become some eccentric item your grandpa wears as well. At sometime in the future we will likely be wearing disposable overalls, that you renew and recycle every day, which won't give you any expression of individuality, except for choice of colour.Frankly for me, the necktie and suit has already gone that way, I never wear them, except for being very formal.
I don't have a phone or a pocket-watch, so I wear a wrist-watch.
l@@k, vint@ge, r@re
for the drama.
Door-to-door limo. Uber Lyft
^^^^^^ Meh!! Needs more LEDs!!
My neighbour.....needs more mirrors though....although perhaps it's more "Tron" than "Quadrophenia"?
Aren't Burberry trench coats supposed to be lined with their trademark novacheck pattern? Don't know what that check is, never seen it before, certainly not on a Burberry coat.
New Posts  All Forums: