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Most of the country is outside of the M25 as well, isn't it?
Here we go again. Nautica calls it a blazer.
As it's a picture from a website, Google Goggles might recognise it.
I don't know either of those brands, but I wasn't into sweaters much. Are garish sweaters from the '90s worth anything much now?BTW has "BERUBRRY" ever sold in the $300-$400?
A new member to the "Dolce &" group of fashion houses, this time from Ilatia The ever so popular Dnuhill of London.
From the Versaoe, "Eeude Tollette" spring/summer 2014 humen colltion.
I just seen it, the whole ad is a nightmare, not going to be able to sleep now.
Think you might want to get on a train to Hong Kong mate. The fact is most mainland tailors are catering to the nouveau riche, and if it's a tailor at Sofitel, it's going to be fucking expensive. That's why they're charging 1,400 yuan for a shirt, concessions have to pay very high rents to get into places like Sofitel and Hyatt, while the apparel itself is made for you in a sweatshop.
The tailor's preference is probably no buttonholes,1) It's less work for them.2) You go back to them, saying I want the sleeves shortening or lengthening. Because it's much easier to alter sleeve length from the bottom than at the top.
New Posts  All Forums: