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I wear my Pebble smart-watch on the left, and my Nike FuelBand on the right.
A paecious item from the late Gianni.
From the late Michael Jackson?
How deep is your wallet, and will your salary and position in China be commensurate with the brands you'll be expected to have(show off)? Maybe you've got a government job. For the actual brands that are considered prestigious and likely to impress, just look at what's being counterfeited the most, that's easy. Number one is still LV, for gent's clothing in particular, Armani, and for watches to impress, Rolex of course. You might want to consider a Porsche or a large Merc...
You'll find Louise Vuitton along with her brothers Louis Vittin and Louis Yuitton at many places. Doesn't matter much as almost nobody can read French anyway, as long as it's a recognisable "LV" monogram and pattern that's all you need. Same thing for Burberry, nobody cares or notices how that's spelled, it's just the Nova-check that matters.
I have one of those as well, except mine is spelled Lavnin.
As long as the brand looks near enough, that's all that matters really. Often helps to emphasise the country of origin as well, and China loves anything Italian...or "Ilatia" in this case.And FYI Dunhill of London are one of the most recognised status symbols in the PRC, and have been so for a very long time.
And as soon as someone comes along with a better Ferrari, they'll drop you like a stone and leave you swinging in the wind mate.Welcome to China!
Good morning and dajia hao, just checking in.
The man with the Armani tag still on his suit sleeve, wearing a Hermes "H" belt and Gucci horse-bit loafers, donning a gold and diamond Rolex Datejust and a Dunhill man-bag. smoking Chung Hwa or State Express 555 cigarettes.BTW where's this guy these days?http://www.styleforum.net/u/81285/hermes-man
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