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I just really enjoy that I can kill myself with a bacon chesseburger with hotsauce and A1 sauce - not the best burger around and can be easily bested by cooking at home but it's definitely my favorite quick-stop burger.
I'm offering to proxy from NYC to anywhere at all, I live in the Village, literally just a few blocks from the Soho Uniqlo (and everything else in SoHo), but I'm willing to pick things up basically anywhere in the city. You can contact me by PM or email,
If he falls through, I live just a few blocks from uniqlo and walk by it a few times a week-so anytime you want something I can snag it for you and mail it for a nominal fee. You can reach me at
Just in case anyone's looking for them, I couldn't find any in my size online last night but I just ordered some from this morning, looks like they've got a good selection at the moment.
The color of the 8112 model I like better than the others, but I only see it on cultizm and a few other international sites (and cultizm doesn't have my size). It's not even on the Red Wing site. What's up with that?
H&M has a pretty cool grey herringbone peacoat right now, it's what I've been wearing recently. Its kind of thin, construction isn't great, and its got zippers on all the pockets (which I'm not too fond of), but for the price it's pretty cool as a beater coat. Should be right in your budget.
I bought mine at BiG in-store and got no white somet bag.
Augusto86 I really dig that suit, something about the fit just does it for me. What is it? In other news, there was this really awesome light outside so I took a picture and it came out looking like the middle of the night. Also the flash made my shirt see-thru. I can't decide if I like the sleeve straps. H&M, Somets, beat up shoes.
I saw a kid who looked younger than 12 wearing a pair of somets last time I was in NYC. That was one esoteric kid.
It was suggested that I post pictures of my Somets in here. This is after about 3 months and right before the first wash. They've got a little hole and are starting to split below the hem on the right leg, but I'm not sure if its damage or character. I could be mistaken, but I think these may be the first pair ever posted literally caked in rhinoceros dung.
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