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If you live in NYC you should just wait for Joe to visit. The other guys are just his relatives or contracted outside tailors who are just there to measure you with the tape. There's a lot of evidence on AAAC that those other guys don't really know what they're doing.
The key is to use Joe. Out of all the "budget" bespoke tailors I've used, he's the one that takes the most pride in delivering a great product. I've previously used Turnbull & Asser and CEGO, and I gotta say that Joe spends far more time ensuring that the fit is correct - eliminating ripples here and there, adjustments by an 1/8 inch, getting the collar to roll just right, full customization of armhole and arm measurements, choice of interlining, etc. He will design the...
Rumor has it that Lin's already got a Nike deal with a signature shoe. He might be expecting a little more than a leather jacket from TOJ.
I have one solid dark navy, from Lesser 13oz. 2 additional blues on the way - a lighter navy and a air force/marine blue, both from Smith Botany 13oz. Next I'll venture into pinstripes and lighter weights. I used to wear only grey but increasingly I feel like I look sharper and more energetic in blue.
I have shirts in DJA 170s poplin ("Emerald") and they've stood up to a couple of years of neighborhood commercial laundry with no visible wear. Haven't tried the DJA twills but they feel way more fragile than the poplin in the books.
Is hand finishing purely aesthetic or does it enhance the fit? Personally I like the appearance of the hand finishing "nubs", especially on the outseam of trousers.
[edit: misread your post]
I haven't bought shirts from Chan, but they sell Albini and Alumo straight from the books. Also, T&A generally uses Thomas Mason 120s, which is not quite "top grade cotton" compared to much of Chan's offerings.
Conspicuous monograms, cutaway collars, and big knots are just tacky and undermine your image in almost any situation. Taking your jacket off is just a matter of observing protocol. I don't know why you keep mentioning cufflinks. The majority of shirts you see in NYC finance have french cuffs. Maybe it's different in flyover country. Your striped socks point is also confusing, unless they were extremely flamboyant.
I like the one on the far right more than the others - it's the type of cartoony bold multi-stripe that T&A is famous for and which none of the big fabric mills are able to emulate. I'd scrap the other 4 and look for additional designs along the lines of the last one.
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