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For sale is a like new condition Barbour Beaufort Classic size 44. For those of you who know the quality and craftmanship of Barbour you know they are the best. They last forever and the more they are used the better they look. This example has yet to be broken in. Beautiful condition. Worn maybe 1/2 dozen times. Too big so stayed in the closet. I actually bought another one exactly the same for $399 because i loved it so much. Now i have two of the same jacket. Barbour...
Does #8 Shell LWB go good with chinos? Tan/khaki?
Would PTB's and Longwings be a good shoe with chinos/Kakis?
#8 longwings are very sweet. Hard to find though.
Not into ptb either. But longwings are not an every day thing in the every day worls either. Alhough I would have no problem wearing the longwings in cigar because i like them so much.
I am actually going to Shoe Mart tomorrow. Need one pair of good shoes for docker's/kackis tan, olive, navy and of charcoal and black dress wool pants. One pair of awesome shoes for all of these applications. I will get them no problem if they can be the one shoe for all.
whoa nice choice.
whoa nice choice
New Posts  All Forums: