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Does #8 Shell LWB go good with chinos? Tan/khaki?
Would PTB's and Longwings be a good shoe with chinos/Kakis?
#8 longwings are very sweet. Hard to find though.
Not into ptb either. But longwings are not an every day thing in the every day worls either. Alhough I would have no problem wearing the longwings in cigar because i like them so much.
I am actually going to Shoe Mart tomorrow. Need one pair of good shoes for docker's/kackis tan, olive, navy and of charcoal and black dress wool pants. One pair of awesome shoes for all of these applications. I will get them no problem if they can be the one shoe for all.
whoa nice choice.
whoa nice choice
Which Alden color/style would be the most versatile for say dress pants (no tie) and business casual for work.
New price $240
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