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Has anyone seen the Nordstrom ebony harness brown exclusive moc in person? http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/red-wing-6-inch-moc-toe-boot-nordstrom-exclusive-men/3976278?origin=related-3976278-0-1-MOBI_FTR-Data_Lab_Recommendo_V2-recently_viewed_v3&recs_type=related&recs_productId=3976278&recs_categoryId=0&recs_productOrder=1&recs_placementId=MOBI_FTR&recs_source=Data_Lab_Recommendo_V2&recs_strategy=recently_viewed_v3&recs_referringPageType=search_page
Redwings have me confused with sizing. I am 10.5 brannock. I wear J Crew Reding Beckman 9.5. Also wear 9.5 in Alden Barrie last and Trubalance lasts. Looking to purchase Redwing moc boots went to the local Redwing store for sizing. Tried on both the 9.5 and the 10. The 10 felt better the 9.5 was too snug with just athletic socks. Not sure what to do since I wear 9.5 in most every dress shoe and the J Crew Beckman boot. Not liking the idea of ordering a size 10. Will the...
I still have this for sale
I just realized I still have this available.
Nike Red Foamposites size 10 New In Box $300
$300 shipped
I actually still have this jacket for sale.
Saddleback still up for sale.
Anyone looking for a like new Barbour Beaufort?
Any interest?
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