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The Berry Wine Gingham has been sold.
Greetings! Up for sale are some pieces, mostly from J.Crew. 1. J. Crew Secret Wash Big Country Gingham Shirt. Size Small. Color Berry Wine. This was new for the fall. I bought this shirt because I was not sure they were coming out with a buffalo check shirt, wore it out once, but prefer their buffalo check shirt, which I have since purchased. $30 CONUS. 2. J. Crew Henley. Size Medium. Off-white. Very soft Henley from J.Crew. 100% cotton, but it has 2 layers of...
Reese's Big Cup above all else! Hershey's Special Dark next, along with Mr. Goodbar in a close 3rd.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLay87 HgaleK's thread inspired me to post this. I've been meaning to post this for quite some time, but just never got around to it, for whatever reason. Anyways, I'm basically lost, in terms of where to go from here with myself professionally. The economy really threw a wrench into the whole works, and so now my smooth plan that was envisioned when I was still in school is no longer a viable option. I'm looking for...
Prices dropped again. Someone buy these damn jeans! I'm sick of looking at them!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by GQ1 Laying the jeans flat measure the leg opening at the hem. It can range from anywhere between 7 to 9 inches approximately. Added leg opening measurements.
Added sizings in bold, plus dropped the prices again! If anyone needs additional sizings, let me know. I was not sure how to measure the opening, so if someone wants to help me with that, I will gladly take it. Thanks and buy these things already! Dying for some new threads!
Prices lowered.
Hello, Up for sale are some jeans of mine that I am looking to get rid of. All of these jeans are size 32 waist. Please excuse any camera spots All prices CONUS shipped. Feel free to make offers. John Varvatos Star USA Bowery Inseam 29 Waist 15 3/4 Rise 9 1/2 Leg Opening 7 $60>50>45>40>35 Diesel Zatiny Inseam 28 1/2 Waist 16 Rise 9 1/2 Leg Opening 6 3/4 $70>55>45>40>35 Levi Capital E Hesher Straight Leg Inseam 29 3/8 Waist 16 1/4 Rise 9 1/2 Leg Opening...
So I got a call from a recruiter for a position. It is an entry level position and I am very qualified for everything, except I don't have experience with a particular software they use to process invoices. I am very computer savvy (I have built 2 of my own) and am very proficient in Microsoft Excel, Access, etc. She did not take it farther after I said I did not have experience in the one field, but in talking with my friend who is a recruiter, he said I should call...
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