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Up for sale are some APC PS Sz 30. I have worn them on and off for a couple months, but I am more interested now in finding a pair of Rescues or jumping up a size. The lines at the bottom were from where I cuffed them. They have lots of life left and do not show any substantial fading, except the wallet pocket (to be expected). I did have them hemmed to a 31, which will turn a lot of people off, but I'm short. Waist 32 Inseam 31 Opening 7.25 Thigh 11 Knee 7.75 Let me...
Substantial price drops!!!
Price Drops!!! I am flexible, send some offers my way (combine things for deeper discounts)!
My apologies on leaving the price of the Bowery pants out. It is in there now.
Up for sale are some pieces that have been rarely or never worn that could use a new home. 1. J. Crew Sueded Jersey Half Zip (Green and Gray) Size Small. I don't think I have actually worn these out ever. I bought them because they were my size and on sale at J. Crew (you know you have done it too). Hoping someone will put them to good use. $25>22.50>15 2. Zanerobe Jacket (Size Medium). This is a fantastic jacket, and for the whole 2 weeks I was in Ohio before...
As someone that had acne on both face, chest and back, I can comiserate. I have tried everything as well. I kept a clean diet, but even still, acne came to my back, which my dermatologist said was not the case of what I was eating. I hate to say it, but the only thing that truly ever cleared my body/face up was accutane. As someone that come off it recently, here is how it went for me, just in case anyone might be thinking about it, or at that point. I would be...
The other part of the question is would you get them tailored before you started wearing them, or after they have been worn in for several months? Thank you all for your input!
Quote: Originally Posted by Conundrum The link did not work. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
I am going to be picking up a pair in the next week, and I have a question about hemming. Should I get them hemmed at the very beginning, before I start my initial wear, or should I wait and roll them up for the first year? I am a 29 1/2-30 inseam, so it might be insane to consider wearing them for a year at that length, but I do not want to mess up the end result? How high would you have them hemmed given my measurements? 30? 31?
For anyone that has an athletic build, these shirts are absolutely fantastic. Picked up a couple on sale and absolutely love them. Fit me off the rack as well. I will be glad to answer any inquiries.
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