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deets on those boots ^!!?
In no particular order:Olive GrossaSlate GrossaBitter Chocolate GrossaForest Green FinaBurgundy PrometeoThanks again to David for his great work.
Some recent Hober's..... [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Im in for dots.
Mike/Matt, Don't know if i've ever seen this question asked/answered..... Have you guys ever considered doing a peak lapel sportcoat? Maybe just as part the factory find offerings?
Any chance you guys bring back that peat multi-check fabric for the next round of factory finds sportcoats? Ordered 2 jackets the first round but couldn't convince myself to order 3.....
Any plans to do a navy pindot shirt for this fall/winter (similar to the flannel one last year)?
Newsletter dropping soon for toteholders?
When can i get my hands on that patriotic plaid in BD
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