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MoL, I'm very sorry to hear that about your mom. You and your family are in my thoughts.
I wear a tie at work M-F. It's not unusual for me to wear one on the weekend if I'm going anywhere nice. A few times a month I may go with a bow tie just to keep people guessing
Michael and mapclub - welcome to StyleForum and to the No Purchase Club. Best of luck to both of you with staying strong this month!
Ebay is very much hit or miss. I've had some great luck on suits and then I've also made some mistakes. Be sure to double or triple check measurements and ask for plenty of pictures if you're uncertain.
Originally I was the only one wearing a tie to work. I think all my co-workers began to get jealous of all the "you're so well dressed" comments from our patients and in the last 6 months to a year everyone else in the office has stepped it up a notch.
Chinos and brown shoes are both perfectly acceptable.
Definitely wool for an interview.
Looks like a good combination to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches though my b day is at the end of the month all monies received will try to be held for june Same. My birthday is on the 20th but any $ or gift cards can wait until June to be spent.
Well, I made a minor purchase yesterday in celebration of making it all of April. I think that may have been enough to rejuvenate me and prepare me for May. I'm in. I'll forgo my AE Strands and BB Navy Sports Coat.
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