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Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Has anyone tried the Costcos Kirkland slim fit shirts? If they carried 14.5 I would have purchased by now just to try it out. With their return policy it really is a no-risk trial. I'm almost ready to purchase a 15 and hope that they're exceptionally slim fit, but I wouldn't hold my breath
Thanks for the heads up!
They're not bad for the price. As many others have said, they could do with a bit of tailoring, but that's true of most shirts under a certain price point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Anyone interested in a US 9.5D pair? Might be selling mine. Word?
Quote: Originally Posted by malat Nordstrom trees work for me. $20 ($15 during sales usually)... My local Nordstroms Rack has them around $13 (10 during a sale). I believe they're "seconds" but the imperfections are very minor (minor discoloring, minute scratches or chips, etc).
Quote: Originally Posted by Doug11 Thanks Quinn, we have all been waiting anxiously for 2 years for you view on blobbiness.
Sign me up. I broke down about halfway through last month and purchased 3 pairs of Allen Edmonds and a few shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt. The last thing I need to do this month is spend more money, so count me in.
Quote: Originally Posted by 45elkton I love the walnut AEs, but am concerned about paying ~$300 for shoes I can really only wear with navy or olive (not a huge khaki guy). What do you guys think about the burgandy burnish? Seems like something you could pull off with a charcoal suit as well as the colors i mentioned above. Can anyone post a real life picture? having trouble judging the ones from AE/nordstrom websites Or should I just sack up for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow The Superga sneakers are awesome for the price, though. Got 'em at Costco a while back and I really enjoyed them ever since. How's the fit on the Superga? I wear a 9.5 but they only have 42 (9) and 43 (10). Size up or down?
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I received 3 more ties from David today. A navy grenadine fina silk, a greenish gold grenadine fina silk, and an Atkinson striped poplin #46. I received 5 from him last week. Beautiful ties all of them. I have nine more that are in various stages of production/shipping, bringing my Hober total to 61, and three more in the cart trying to decide to pull the trigger on them. I have a bad addiction and must stop. Does...
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