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Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays Yes.. are you really really-ing me? Black Shoes on navy suit is a mistake. Dark Brown (but not too dark) is the best way to go. Black should be reserved for black/charcoal suits. I agree that brown looks much better with a navy suit, but I don't know if I'd go as far as saying that black shoes are a mistake. Maybe just not ideal.
Quote: Originally Posted by bwhamilton Any chance on measurements for the small coats. Definitely love the look of one with ticket pockets. I would also be interested in some measurements. Some of BR's smalls tend to run a bit big on me That plaid w/ the ticket pocket does look pretty nice though.
Dark brown calf may be a bit more versatile but the Strands in walnut are gorgeous and (imo) look great with navy. Not so sure about charcoal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber I dont really get it, you liked them well enough to buy, and at only $70 you raise the question keep or chuck. I say keep unless there is something wrong with them. With this site (and most other flash sale sites) the inventory is pretty usually limited. I saw "monk" and scooped them up before they sold out in my size. It wasn't until after I pulled the trigger that I had a chance to take a second...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Clearly this is the answer. I would say he is a jackass if he has less than $500 and he buys $500 shoes. Haven't you heard? Credit is the new cash.
Depends on other expenditures in addition to his cash flow. I could 'afford' $500 shoes if I dumped my girlfriend, lived on ramen and moved back in with my parents.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS I think if they are a 10.5 or 11 you should get rid of them. and sell em to me. great looking shoes in brown suede. They still have some through MyHabit. I believe the membership is free and the shoes are only $80 with free shipping. If you do decide to sign up, give the code "Myhabit1" a shot. It may work for an additional $10 off. Edit: They have both 10.5 and 11 as of 10:48 am PST
Quote: Originally Posted by Notverystylish Thanks guys. Yeah, from reading this forum, it seems that AEs are the way to go. I've been looking through Ebay for second hand pairs as well. I read somewhere that AE has a 'box' program where they sell you 2nd hand or new shoes that have a small blemish or something? Is that program still available because I couldn't find it on google. Email the AE Shoe Bank and they can send you a list of what they...
So I just ordered the Florsheim Elwood in Brown Suede on MyHabit (Amazon's version of Gilt) for $70 shipped. They are the same as but in brown suede. I know Florsheims aren't generally favored but the silhouette isn't terribly offensive and it's leather soled at least. I searched around a bit and couldn't find any info on this model. Worthy purchase or should I cancel while I still can?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS In that case, I may be able to comply through the end of the year. I doubt I can make it through the decade ... but I might try. You're a much stronger-willed man than I. I have trouble going a week without finding something to spend money on (clothing-related, of course.) We'll see how this month goes.
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