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The only time I really wear a black sports coat would be with dark jeans. Gray would be okay as well.
Since we're back on the topic, any better deal out there than these for $20 w/ the coupon code? I know Nord. Rack has some for 10-15 but I've heard the Rack trees are 2nds which may be more prone to splintering, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by CFunk Is it better to hang or roll up your ties? I always thought the former was the correct way? I think hanging is better (except knits) but hanging room is usually at more of a premium than shelf/drawer space. I just hang mine overnight after I wear them to get the wrinkles/folds out then roll them loosely in a drawer. If I had the room I'd prefer to hang them all.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Last time they had this sale, most stores in the Los Angeles area carried those shoes. I'm confident that SD would carry them too. Hmm. Maybe I'll check after work. If not I'll be in LA this weekend for a bachelor party; maybe I'll hit a Costco on the way back
Anybody see these at any San Diego (North county) Costcos? I haven't had a chance to check yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Not any gayer than shopping for your 11th pair of shoes online. It's a hobby, and a very fun one, too. +1 If there were any affordable Salsa classes near me I'd be all about that. I probably would have been even more all about it back when I was single; I know a couple people that have met all sorts of women through dance classes.
1. Ties 2. Shirts 3. Shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by chickenchile mr. vox has a super duper collection of ties. +1000
The trailer definitely caught my attention. I'm anxiously looking forward to the full feature.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays okay maybe I went a little too far to back myself up. Mistake, no? Occasionally, yes? Preferably, brown.. I'm 100% in agreement with you on brown being preferable. The only time I'd choose black over brown with a navy suit is for a formal event such as an interview. It has almost gotten to the point where my black shoes are feeling neglected
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