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I've almost done this but didn't have the chutzpah. I salute you sir.
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, and happy 'Not a Fathers Day' to all those who have dodged the bullet of unexpected/unplanned fatherhood. Going shooting with Dad in a few hours then taking home to dinner. Also: Call your dad
From the descriptions on the website it seems like the Essex is a lightweight chino and the Bowery is a heavier cotton twill. Both styles come in different fits (classic, relaxed, 'urban slim', etc).
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Yup, we're big boys here. If he doesn't like he can sell it on. Send him the pictures as a courtesy, and the ID of anyone who PMed about it if he's not a dick. If he's a dick, tell him what he can suck. +100
Can anyone determine if these are Aldens, perchance? I think they may be mis-listed on ebay and I'm wondering whether I should just drop the small amount on them (under $40) and find out. [IMG][/IMG] edit: they look a bit like these .
Quote: Originally Posted by celery I can never stop myself from unbuttoning at least 1 button (but I normally unbutton 2 on a single sleeve as my personal affectation). I know it's silly, but damn, must . . . unbutton . . . gah! Of course. How else are others supposed to know you splurged on functional button holes Haven't hit that point myself. I just started buying decent shoes & shirts recently. My sports coats / blazers are still all...
Quote: Originally Posted by arvidg Speaking of mending, is buying shoe and clothing care supplies OK? I hope so but probably not. Haven't purchased any clothes but I definitely picked up some leather conditioner and cream polishes (and a couple watches) I think I can make it the rest of the month though ha
I picked up a couple CT tailored fit shirts in the last sale and I'm pretty happy with them, especially for ~$35 each.
I agree that it can be a bit ridiculous sometimes but larger businesses will generally do things more slowly and inefficiently than single sellers. As far as the cost, I always just factor it in to the price. That, and I usually keep an eye out for free shipping promotions; if it's going to take forever to get there it might as well not cost me anything.
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